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Great service! Came to my house, worked around my schedule, and did a great job. Replaced my screen and battery and now my iphone's like new again. All for less than Apple would charge. The tech was very friendly and went out of his way to help. What more could you ask for?

Saakaar Bagga

This is an amazing service. Unfortunately, my screen cracked and I had to spend countless hours online getting frustrated with local shops quoting unjustified prices. Tech from RapidRepair came to my home within hours of contacting them gave a standby device to use and returned my device by evening, same day. Amazing convenience and a relative bargain.

Sahil Sachdeva

Terrific Experience! No waiting in line, no trips to a store, no additional trip once the part comes in. Super efficient and great service! Thank you RapidRepair! You guys rock!

Anshuman Talwar

They are a bunch of most professional people I've come across in terms of iPhone service. My fone was picked up within an hour of call and delivered 4 hours later and on time. Their assurance and depth understanding makes you comfortable enough to do business with them. Their charges were reasonable but I'm satisfied with overall service so 5 stars for that. They would be my only go-to guys now for any apple related service.

Pratyush Gupta

Brilliant service! Had an iPhone that needed screen replacement, paid money online, scheduled the pickup next day. Pickup arrived on time, gave me an equivalent iPhone, repaired and returned my phone the next very morning in a nicely packed box. No need to find a repair shop, doubt the quality of spare parts or watch it getting repaired for 2 hours. Completely hassle free and delightful service. Thanks RapidRepair!

Sunita GR

These Guys are great! I dropped my iPhone on concrete and the screen broke. I considered getting refurbished screens or aftermarket option from so many players in around city. RapidRepair guys assured me of OEM parts, Life Time warranty and low price guarantee. The service was quick, professional and friendly. Good Job!

Ritesh Gupta

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