It is always recommended to unpair your Apple Watch before sending it for repairs. It enables technicians to access and test all the functionalities properly and more importantly it ensures your data is safe!


The screen is the upper layer of the glass known as the digitizer. This digitizer governs the touch functionality on the device. The display is the OLED screen below the Screen/Digitizer. Both the Digitizer and OLED combined makes the display assembly for the Apple Watch.

We take utmost care in ensuring device is water resistant post repairs. We paste the screen back on the device using approved IP rating (Ingress Protection Rating) glue. Having said that, it is recommended to avoid prolonged exposure to water post repairs.

This issue comes up primarily because of a faulty battery. Secondary reason could be a short component in the watch. Short components tends to heat up and that can result in device heating up as well. A proper diagnose is required to ascertain the exact reason for this issue on the device. Do call us on 8130609004 and we will help with the diagnose and subsequent resolution.

Apple Watch SE 2 – 44MM supports the latest watchOS. Also, in order to update to latest watchOS, the iPhone has to be iPhone 8 or later with iOS 16 or above running on it.

If you have compatible iPhone and are still not able to update to latest watchOS, please ensure below mentioned requisites are met:

  1. Your iPhone is updated to latest version of iOS.
  2. Apple Watch is atleast 50% charged.
  3. iPhone is connected to WiFi.

If you are still not able to update watch, it needs an expert touch, please give us a call on 8130609004 and we will help you.

Apple Watch can get stuck at Apple logo because of multiple reasons.

Primary reasons are two, Battery or Software. If the battery is not able to provide the desired voltage, the watch will not boot up. Also, if the watchOS has crashed, usually because an update did not complete properly, that can also result in watch unable to boot beyond the Apple logo.

You can try force reboot of the device. Put the watch on charge and press the power and crown button simultaneously for about 15 seconds. The watch should attempt to reboot.

If this does not help, please reach out to us on 8130609004 and we will take care of it.

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