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Why Should you Trust Rapid Repair with your iPad Repair?

Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

We are showing our commitment to reliable service by offering a lifetime warranty on almost all repairs. If the same issue reappears, we will gladly repair it anytime.

Free Pick-up and Drop

Free Pick-up and Drop

Don’t panic if your iPad has stopped working or its screen has cracked. It is time for you to give us a call. Our iPad repair team will pick up the device from your house or office, anywhere in Delhi NCR, and then return it too.

Same-Day Repair

Same-Day Repair

We pride ourselves in fast turnaround time. This is because of our highly competent and well-trained team of technicians who ensure that you get your iPad back on the same day that it is picked up for repair service.

Genuine Spare Parts

Genuine Spare Parts

We strive to meet the highest standard of quality, and therefore, we only use genuine Apple spare parts for the replacement of damaged iPad screen, iPad battery, and any other defective parts. Using original parts will also extend the lifespan of your device.

Level 4 Expertise with all iPad issues

Level 4 Expertise with all iPad issues

You can trust us completely when it comes to iPad screen replacement, iPad battery replacement, and repair and replacement of other components. Our technicians have advanced technical skills and are equipped with the latest high-tech tools. There is no issue too difficult for them to fix.

Some of the Common Problems We Fix


You can take the best photos with your prized iPad but if it’s camera does not work right, it can put a dampener on your photography plans. Our iPad repair team has the technical know-how to fix all camera-related issues, including broken camera lens, blurry or spotty pictures and more.

Battery Replacement

You can carry your iPad wherever you go, and continue reading a story on it outdoor as well. But you can’t do that if the battery of your device begins to drain fast. In order to avoid being stuck with a non-functioning device, it’ll be a good idea to call us at the first sign of battery trouble. We excel at iPad battery replacement. Be assured that we use only genuine Apple iPad batteries and also offer a one year warranty.

WiFi or Bluetooth

If your iPad’s Wi-Fi or Bluetooth is damaged, you may experience a laggy connection or random drop in connectivity. Connectivity issues can be a major hindrance and it’s necessary to get them fixed immediately. We have the technical expertise to effectively repair any damage that is causing WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity issues.

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Damaged Screen Replacement

It is tough to read or watch something if your iPad screen is damaged, or if the screen has begun to glitch. We have a well-trained iPad screen replacement team who use genuine parts to quickly and efficiently replace the damaged screen. We offer same-day iPad screen replacement service.

Stuck at Apple Logo

There are several reasons why your iPad freezes at the Apple logo. An inexperienced technician may worsen the problem rather than fixing it. At our iPad repair center, we have highly skilled technicians who quickly diagnose whether the issue is software or hardware related, or due to other reasons.

Charging or Headphone Jack

Are you having trouble charging your iPad? Or is your headphone jack not working? If yes, then you need to get them fixed immediately to continue using your iPad without any interruptions. At our iPad service center, we fix issues related to the charging and headphone jack in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

This can happen due to low battery health. We have specialised tools to check the Battery Health of your iPad, and if the health is too low, the battery will need replacement.

For all iPad repair, we offer a life-time warranty on all parts except the battery. We offer a one-year warranty on the battery we have replaced.

Until your iPad is repaired and back in your hands, you don’t need to pay us a dime. Once you get it back, you can pay us by whatever means is convenient for you. We accept payment through cash, card, UPI, Wallet, Online or Bank Transfer.

You should take a backup and reset the iPad before you hand over the device to us. This is because, we will need full access to the device for a good testing and quality check. If you are unable to do so, testing of the functionalities of the camera, WiFi, speakers etc. cannot be done.

Depending on the reason why the iPad got disabled, there is a small chance that it can be restored without Data Loss. Sometimes, it is just not possible, and the iPad needs to be reset before it can be used, and your data will be lost in that case. Don’t worry, before we move to the next step, we will take your confirmation and proceed only when you have given a go-ahead.

Quick and hassle-free iPad repair near you

You can trust Rapid Repair in all aspects of iPad repair. We employ the best technicians, use the correct tools and right protocols, and only use genuine Apple parts. We handle all issues affecting your iPad with utmost care. Our competent technicians at the iPad repair center in Gurgaon offer fast service without compromising on Rapid Repair’s high-quality standards.

You can rely on us for a wide range of iPad repair services, including for iPad screen replacement, iPad battery replacement, WiFi and Bluetooth repair, camera repair, and for other common iPad repairs. We offer same-day service and a life-time warranty on almost all iPad repairs, expect batter replacement. We repair all iPad models: iPad 2 iPad 3 iPad 4, iPad 5, iPad 6, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3, iPad Mini 4, iPad Pro (10.5″), iPad Pro (12.9″) 1st Gen, iPad Pro (12.9″ 2nd Gen, and iPad Pro (9.7″).

Step-by-Step iPad Repair: What You Should Know

Your iPad comes with a one-year limited Apple warranty. Contact Rapid Repair, the most reliable iPad repair center in Gurgaon, if the warranty on your iPad is over. We offer a lifetime warranty on all our repairs.

You can take the first step to high-quality iPad repair by calling us. Someone from our team at Rapid Repair can pick up your damaged device from your house or office. You can also drop your device at our iPad repair service center. At our center, the technicians will quickly diagnose the real problem. They will call you and explain the issue and how they are going to fix it. Also, they will let you know how much it is going to cost you. We are much faster compared to other iPad repair centers in Gurgaon. In most cases, we repair your iPad in less than 24 hours.


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