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We offer solutions that are permanent

We offer solutions that are permanent

There are plenty of cases where the repaired MacBook fails a few days after the warranty period has lapsed. We stand by our work when we give you a life-time warranty on the repair work we have done (except battery replacement which comes with a one-year warranty). No more worries about warranty lapses. We make sure that we give our best so that you never worry again about your MacBook.

We use genuine spare parts from leading Suppliers

We use genuine spare parts from leading Suppliers

When you bring us your device for repair, we use genuine spare parts to get the best quality repair done for your MacBook. That is why we offer Life Time Warranty for all our repair services. So what you get is always genuine stuff.

Same-Day Repair

Same-Day Repair

We understand how difficult it is to stay without your MacBook for even a day. Hence, we mostly offer same day repairs. You can either carry your laptop to our service center in Gurgaon or call us to pick it from your home, if you are living in Delhi NCR. We will do our best to solve your problems the same day.

Best of Technicians

Best of Technicians

We understand your concerns about quality repairs. And so we got the best crew. Rapid Repair boasts the best breed of technicians with Level 4 expertise. Be assured that your Apple products are in safe hands. Each team member comes with years of experience using the best of tools and technology. We always make sure our customers leave with a happy smile.

Free Diagnosis

Free Diagnosis

If you want to get a free diagnosis, please walk into our MacBook service center in Gurgaon or call us at 8130609004. Our League of Techies will be happy to help you know what is wrong with your MacBook.

You don’t have to worry about your parts being replaced

You don’t have to worry about your parts being replaced

It’s a common situation. You send your MacBook for motherboard repair and often genuine parts get replaced. Since your laptop does not turn on, you would not even know what works in the machine. At Rapid Repair, we strongly believe in stocking our own parts and not indulging in unethical practices. If you can trust an Apple service center, you can trust us.

Some of the common problems we fix


Is your MacBook having display-related problems? Our experienced technicians will repair the MacBook display using cutting-edge tools and genuine Apple parts, ensuring that you get back your screen in perfect condition within a few hours.


Is your MacBook dying off the minute you unplug your charger? When this happens, just give us a call or bring us your MacBook and our League of Techies will efficiently replace your MacBook battery with a genuine one in no time.


Is your trackpad not clicking, not working properly, or not responding at all? It may be due to a hardware problem. At our MacBook repair center, we can revive the dead trackpad in no time. We have the most experienced and reliable MacBook repair technicians who can fix the damaged part efficiently.

macbook repair issues

Touch Bar

The MacBook’s touch bar offers you app-specific shortcuts, making it easy for you to perform your intended tasks. It can be quite frustrating when it becomes unresponsive, gets stuck, or begins to act erratically. Our MacBook repair technicians have the expertise and tools to effectively perform touch bar repairs within a day.


A MacBook’s keyboard can stop working due to various reasons. It may not work if you have spilled water on it, or due to software, USB/Bluetooth, and other issues. At our MacBook repair center in Gurgaon, we fix all types of keyboard problems.

No Boot

What will you do if a project deadline is looming, and your MacBook won’t turn on? Either you can bite your nails, or you can give us a call. At our MacBook service center, our very experienced and efficient repair technicians will quickly diagnose the issue, fix the issue, and if required, reinstall the Mac operating system.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a 24-hour priority service for most of the hardware replacement such as a screen or battery replacement. This involves a host of comprehensive tests to ensure everything is in a working order before you get your MacBook back. In case of motherboard related issues, we repair most of the faults within 24 – 73 hours. We realize how difficult being without your MacBook can be and we always try to get it back to you as quickly as possible.

You pay us only when you get back your repaired MacBook. You can pay us in cash or through card, UPI, Wallet, Online or Bank Transfer.

Sure, we can. The latest version of MacOS normally requires additional hardware resources, which can often cause your MacBook to slow down. We can check and see if standard servicing will fix the issue, otherwise hardware upgrade is always a great option to make it work a lot faster and increase the life of your device.

Different models of MacBook have different types of SSD which are compatible with them. We can help you identify the right type of SSD that will work seamlessly with your MacBook and replace your HDD with the required SSD.

Some MacBook models have On-Board RAM, which cannot be upgraded, but if you can let us know your MacBook Model Number, we can verify if your Model supports RAM upgrade and if it does, we can do that for you in just a few hours.

Lines on the display are caused due to LCD issue which cannot be repaired, and it requires an entire display panel replacement. Call us on 8130609004 and we will be happy to do that for you.

For all MacBook repair, you get a Life-Time warranty on all parts, except the battery, which comes with a warranty of one year. This is because the battery is a consumable component and degrades with time and usage.

We recommend that ideally before handing over your MacBook, you should take a backup and if possible, enable the Guest user option so that we can login to the Guest account and perform a full functionality test, because for a proper testing and quality check we need full access to the device.

MacBook Repair Services in Gurgaon

Are you a MacBook owner based in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon? If yes, it is very likely that when your machine develops a problem, you will find yourself in the hot seat, and have to make a very crucial decision. “Where do I go for my MacBook Pro or MacBook Air repair?” You can’t trust your machine with one of the computer repair centers that have mushroomed across the city. Your MacBook deserves only the best repair service. Rapid Repair offers you that service. Our MacBook repair center is committed to the offering the safest and most reliable Apple device repair service. When we handle your MacBook, you don’t ever have to worry about a shoddy repair job.

The best MacBook service centre in Delhi NCR

Our MacBook repair technicians are equipped with advanced skills and the latest diagnostic tools. They will quickly diagnose the problem and let you know why the machine is not functioning properly. Our diagnosis service is free. Our technicians will also tell you what process they will undertake to rectify the problem, and how much do you have to pay for the service. There are no hidden repair costs when you decide to get your machine repaired from our MacBook repair center in Gurgaon.

Rapid Repair has the latest cutting-edge MacBook repair tools in its arsenal. Our competent repair technicians use them to fix everything from the simplest to the most complex problems that have adversely affected your machine’s performance. They never fail to fix your machine right because they are well-trained and experienced, and also because they only use genuine Apple parts. We know that a substandard part can further damage your MacBook, so there is zero possibility of us repairing it with non-genuine parts.

MacBook Repair at the tap of a button

Whether you are looking for MacBook Air screen replacement, or MacBook Air Display replacement, MacBook Pro screen replacement or MacBook Pro Speak replacement, we do it all. At our MacBook repair center, we fix all types of MacBook problems, including display, battery, keyboard, touchpad, and touch bar. We can also bring back to life the MacBook that won’t turn on. Throughout our repair process, we keep in mind the high Apple standards and how much you value your Apple machine.

In case you cannot bring your machine to our MacBook repair shop, we will pick it up from your preferred location in Delhi NCR. Once it is fixed, we will drop it off as well at the same location. We also offer same-day MacBook repair service for most issues.

We don’t believe in making our customers wait; therefore, we have a quick turnaround time. Our highly qualified technicians effectively fix your MacBook the same day that they receive it. We don’t charge you extra for this service. Contact us now if you are experiencing problems with your MacBook. We promise to handle your dream machine with utmost professionalism and care.


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