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Why Should you Trust Rapid Repair with your Apple Watch Repair?

Lifetime Warranty on your iWach Repair

Lifetime Warranty on your iWach Repair

We offer a life-time warranty on almost all our Apple Watch parts. This reflects the confidence we have in our parts and our repair process. If you face the same issue post repair, simply contact our Apple Watch repair center in Gurgaon anytime.

Free Pick-up and Drop

Free Pick-up and Drop

You cannot always carry your device to us, and we totally get that. Just call us and we will pick your Apple Watch from anywhere in India. Once we repair it, we will send it back to you at no extra charges.

Same-Day Apple Watch Repair

Same-Day Apple Watch Repair

We have a strong team of experienced technicians who are experts at what they do. Equipped with the right tools and the know-how, they strive to complete all repairs as soon as possible.

Genuine Spare Parts

Genuine Spare Parts

The biggest problem with getting expensive electronic items repaired these days is that of non-genuine or aftermarket parts. Since we don't want you to face the same issue again after we have repaired your iWatch for you, we use only genuine spare parts of the highest quality for every repair.

Some of the common problems we fix

Screen Replacement

Apple Watch has a beautiful display but it is prone to physical damages, due to it being exposed to all kinds of elements and not being safe inside a cover like an iPhone or an iPad. If you iWatch Screen breaks, do not let that get you down. Just call the best Apple Watch Repair Service in town and get your Apple watch Screen Replacement done in no time

Charging Issue

There many be times when you realize that despite being on the magnetic charger, your Apple Watch is not charging at all. This can be a cause of panic ordinarily, but not when you have the #LeagueOfTechies at your disposal! Our experts technicians are capable of fixing the charging issue of your iWatch so that you can use it like it was before

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Battery Replacement

A faulty battery can cause 2 kind of issues. Easiest one to realize is if your Apple Watch starts draining faster than normal. The other issue is when the battery swells. This results in your screen popping out of the frame and is not only unsafe for the battery or the screen, its not safe to sport a swollen battery on your wrist! Call us and experience the fastest Apple Watch battery replacement service NOW!

Water Damage

Apple Watch is Water Resistant and excellent at repelling small traces of liquid that might creep in during workouts or washing hands etc. Even with all that, with time the water reistant properties start wearing off and the Apple Watch gets prone to water or liquid damage. If that happens, it can cause any number of issues. Electronics and water don’t mix well. Our expert technicians can perform a water damage treatment and bring your iWatch back to life.

Frequently Asked Questions

For all Apple Watch repair, you get a Life-Time warranty on all parts, except the battery, which comes with a one-year warranty as it is a consumable component and degrades with time and usage.

For a thorough pre and post repair testing, we need access to your iWatch, but a passcode is not really required. If your Apple Watch is not dead, we recommend that you take a backup and reset the Apple Watch and unpair it with your iPhone so that we can test all functionalities and ensure that you get a fully working and tested device back in your hands.

You do not need to pay anything until your iWatch is fully repaired and back in your hands. Once you get it back, you can pay either by cash, card, UPI, Wallet, Online or Bank Transfer, whatever is comfortable and convenient to you.

Firstly, Apple Watch is Water Resistant and not water proof. Secondly, different series have different levels of water resistance. Your brand new Apple Watch might resist water much better than an year old one, whose gaskets and water resistant properties get weaker with time and usage. There are strong chances of iWatch being water damaged as well, specially if there is the slightest crack on the display or any kind of gap in the frame due to a physical impact. In such cases, its often too late before you realize that the damage is done, but all is not lost. Call on us and we are here to help you with all your Apple Watch related issues

Yes, of course! Our services are pan India and no matter where you live, we can help you. Just call us on 8130609004 to know more about it!

Apple Watches have been launched in series. To check the price of the screen replacement of your apple watch, please click here and unlock the price via OTP.

Absolutely yes. If it’s the screen only then it makes perfect sense to replace or repair it because the cost of a new Watch will be 3 times of it. So, yes it’s worth it.

Yes you can. Talk to our tech experts at +918130609004 and they will help you with all your queries.

We don’t recommend it because Apple Watch Screen replacement requires multiple tools and other instruments that have to be used carefully. So, it’s better if you get it done by experts.

Apple Watch battery can be replaced with new one but can’t be repaired.

Apple Watches have been launched in series. To check the price of the screen replacement of your apple watch, please click here and unlock the price via OTP.

We do not provide On-Site repair service but we do provide doorstep pickup and drop service.

No, we are Independent Repair Provider (IRP) but all our techs are qualified and certified on Apple products by global companies such as REWA, iFIXIT etc.

Depending on the issue, Apple Watch repair can take minimum 4 hours to maximum 24 hours.

Apple Watch Screen Repair, Apple Watch Battery Replacement, and More

Apple Watch is a beautiful example of seamless integration of fitness, tracking, health-oriented capabilities and telecommunication. It works both with and without your iPhone to provide a great user experience and keeps you connected without having to look at your phone for every little notification. This great look and design doesn’t make it impervious to damages though. Since the iWatch is mainly on your wrist, it is exposed to elements where physical damage is always a possibility. It’s a scary thought but worry not. Rapid Repair provides the fastest and most reliable Apple Watch repair services for any kind of issues with your precious iWatch.

We use only genuine spare parts to fix issues related to battery, charging, screen or any other problem you might face with your Apple Watch. We have the best in class technicians who have the right know-how and the experience to handle issues with all models of your Apple Watch, starting from Series 2 till the latest Series 6.

Step-by-Step Apple Watch Repair: What You Should Know

What will you do if your wrist hits a hard surface and the screen of your Apple Watch cracks? What if the iWatch suddenly stops charging? Whatever be the issue with your Apple Watch, don’t worry too much about it. You are at the right place to get your iWatch back to life.

Simply call us on 8130609004 and we will schedule a pickup for your Apple Watch. It will get picked from your house, without you having to go anywhere. Once it reaches us, we will diagnose the exact issue, give you an estimate and post your approval start the repair on your iWatch. We only use genuine spare parts and you get a lifetime warranty on all parts except the Battery, which comes with 1 year warranty.

Once your Apple Watch is fully repaired, it will be delivered back to you, as good as new and you can make the payment using your preferred mode. Everything is as transparent as can be and you are updated at each step of the entire process, so that you can rest assured that your iWatch is in the most capable hands, before it reaches your hands.

Fastest Apple Watch Repair Service in Town

Our technicians know how much you value your Apple Watch and how difficult it can be to go on about your daily routine, without that iWatch on your wrist. Keeping that in mind, they work fast, they work accurate and they work so that the repair is thorough. Speed does not mean that quality is compromised. Speed is simply a by-product of excellent training, world class tools and experience of handling all kinds of issue with all models of Apple Watch. For us, at Rapid Repair, speed is just a way of life. We don’t want to keep you away from your iWatch a minute longer than we have to. Call us now and experience the speed and quality – wrapped up in a complete package.


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