iPad Air 4 Screen Replacement comes with Lifetime Warranty.


iPad Air 4 Screen and LCD display is a single Panel. So, even if the top screen is cracked, we have to replace the entire Display panel because it comes as a single unit.

Yes, only if it is Generation 2 Apple Pencil. We can not confirm any 3rd Party Pencil will work after iPad Air 4 Screen Replacement but yes, for sure Apple Pencil Gen 2 will work.

Yes, Because we only use genuine OEM parts so True Tone feature will surely work after iPad Air 4 Screen Replacement.

We use zero or max 1 cycle count batteries for iPad Air 4. Battery Health will show 100% but only when connected to 3rd party tools. iPadOS doesn’t have battery health option in their settings.

Yes, we have Level 4 expertise for all Apple devices.  We can surely fix any iPad Air 4 Motherboard related issues. 

Our total turnaround time to diagnose the most complex issue with your iPad Air 4 is not more than 6 hours. 

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