iPad Pro 9.7″ Screen Replacement comes with Lifetime Warranty.


iPad Pro 9.7″ Screen and LCD display is a single Panel. So, even if the top screen is cracked, we have to replace the entire Display panel because it comes as a single unit.

Yes, only if it is Generation 1 Apple Pencil. We can not confirm any 3rd Party Pencil will work after iPad Pro 9.7″ Screen Replacement but yes, for sure Apple Pencil Gen 1 will work.

Yes, Because we only use genuine OEM parts so True Tone feature will surely work after iPad Pro 9.7″ Screen Replacement.

We use zero or max 1 cycle count batteries for iPad Pro 9.7″. Battery Health will show 100% but only when connected to 3rd party tools. iPadOS doesn’t have battery health option in their settings.

Yes, we have Level 4 expertise for all Apple devices.  We can surely fix any iPad Pro 9.7″ Motherboard related issues. 

Our total turnaround time to diagnose the most complex issue with your iPad Pro 9.7″ is not more than 6 hours. 

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