All repairs at Rapid Repair are pocket-friendly and done using genuine spare parts only.


Only when your device is under Apple warranty.

Yes, our state of the art facility and the best in breed technicians make it happen quite easy.

Repairs are always inexpensive compared to buying a new phone.

Genuine OEM parts with Life Time Warranty will be used for your iPhone XS Max screen replacement.

Yes, After iPhone XS Max battery replacement, It will show 100% health and there will be no error message too.

If you can reset the device after taking the backup, it will be great. If not then you may have to share the passcode with us for testing purpose only.

iPhone XS Max is not Water Proof but Water Resistant to its certified IP Rating. Yes, post iPhone XS Max repair, we place the water resistant adhesive to seal your iPhone XS Max back so that it remains water resistant.

For all part replacement of iPhone XS Max except battery, you get Lifetime Warranty.

Yes, TrueTone feature will work after we replace your iPhone XS Max Display. However, FaceID is not a function of iPhone XS Max Screen but part of front camera set, specifically True Depth Camera. So, if the FaceID is giving the “True Depth Camera” error then it will not work after iPhone XS Max Screen Repair.

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