iPhone Screen Replacement Services

Having a shattered iPhone screen can give you frustration. Don’t worry, replacing a broken iPhone screen is a simple solution to restore your phone’s flawless look and functionality. Whether you own the latest iPhone or an older model, screen replacement can make your device look brand new. We specialize in professional iPhone screen replacement services. Whether you’ve cracked your screen or encountered other display issues, we’ve got you covered. Our skilled technicians ensure a seamless repair experience, restoring your iPhone to its original glory.

Know your iPhone Need Repair or Screen Replacement?

Depending on the severity of the damage to your iPhone screen, it may get diagnosed with and possible resolution can be: a screen repair or a screen replacement.

iPhone Screen Repair: 

Repairing an iPhone screen will happen in cases where the issue is identified from any of the internal components of the screen such as flex cable or IC. They are placed on logicboard and we as experts with logic board repairs, can fix the screen backlight issue or touch issue by repairing the logicboard. Common symptoms in this scenario are your screen is throwing black colour only and no graphics. Second common issue is touch is not working which is caused by a faulty touch connector IC that is placed on the logicboard. This solution, iPhone screen repair will be much cheaper than iPhone screen replacement.

iPhone Screen Replacement: 

For all other issues related to screen that are caused by physical damage – cracks, shattered glass etc. or pressure damage – lines, bars and shades or discolouration in LCD / OLED display. The only solution to resolve such issues is to replace the entire screen panel of your iPhone. Because we only use genuine OEM parts, all your original functionalities shall be restored post iPhone screen replacement as we shall calibrate the new screen with your iPhone’s IMEI / Serial number.

Here’s what you get with our iPhone Screen Replacement Services:

At Rapid Repair, we prioritize our customers with every iPhone screen repair service. Our offerings include various features alongside the repair or replacement process.



Genuine OEM-Grade Screens

We use top-quality parts to ensure your iPhone looks and functions like new.

Lifetime Warranty

We stand by our work with a lifetime warranty on all iPhone repairs. 100% peace of mind.

Doorstep Pickup & Drop Service

Schedule a free pickup and delivery for your iPhone repair for ultimate convenience.

Quick Turnaround Time

Get your iPhone back quickly! Most repairs are completed within hours, with a maximum 24-hour turnaround.

World Class Techs & Tools

Our highly skilled technicians use advanced tools and expertise to fix even complex iPhone issues.

How to Get Started iPhone Screen Replacement in Easy Steps?

Get in touch with one of our tech experts by calling or whatsapp at 8130609004 and they will schedule your session for iPhone screen repairs, anywhere in India. We’re available in various PIN codes—follow these easy steps.

Schedule Pickup:

  • Connect with us to book a convenient time slot.
  • Walk-ins are also welcome!

Expert Diagnosis:

  • Our technicians will assess the extent of your iPhone’s screen damage.
  • We’ll explain the repair options and estimate cost and time.

Quality Replacement:

  • Once approved, we’ll replace your screen using genuine parts.
  • Your iPhone will look and function like new.

Cost of iPhone Screen Replacement?

iPhone Screen Replacement cost depends on its model. Latest models have higher cost as compared to older ones. Generally replacing the iPhone screen can cost at Apple Authorised service centre without Apple Care+ It will cost up to 50% of the overall your iPhone price. However, we at Rapid Repair® use genuine parts for every repair and we aim to deliver the entire experience at affordable prices. That’s why you get Life Time Warranty on all our iPhone Screen Replacement services.

Model Wise iPhone Screen Replacement Cost at Rapid Repair.

Based on your iPhone model check the Screen replacement costs form the below list. Note, these prices are exclusive of taxes.

iPhone 14 Series

Screen Replacement Cost (INR)

iPhone 14 Pro Max  

INR 32000

iPhone 14 Pro

INR 26500

iPhone 14 Plus

INR 26500

iPhone 14

INR 22000

iPhone 13 Series

Screen Replacement Cost (INR)

iPhone 13 Pro Max

INR 26500

iPhone 13 Pro

INR 22000

iPhone 13 Mini

INR 19000

iPhone 13

INR 16000

iPhone 12 Series

Screen Replacement Cost (INR)

iPhone 12 Pro Max

INR 19000

iPhone 12 Pro  

INR 16000

iPhone 12 Mini

INR 14000

iPhone 12

INR 14000

iPhone 11 Series

Screen Replacement Cost (INR)

iPhone 11 Pro Max  

INR 14000

iPhone 11 Pro  

INR 12000

iPhone 11

INR 8500

iPhone X Series

Screen Replacement Cost (INR)

iPhone XS Max  

INR 9500

iPhone XS  

INR 9000

iPhone X

INR 8500

iPhone XR

INR 8000

iPhone 8 Series

Screen Replacement Cost (INR)

iPhone 8 Plus

INR 5500

iPhone 8

INR 5000

iPhone SE Series

Screen Replacement Cost (INR)

iPhone SE 2020

INR 5500

iPhone SE

INR 2500

iPhone 7 Series

Screen Replacement Cost (INR)

iPhone 7 Plus

INR 5000

iPhone 7

INR 4500

iPhone 6 Series

Screen Replacement Cost (INR)

iPhone 6S Plus  

INR 3500

iPhone 6S

INR 3000

iPhone 6 Plus

INR 3000

iPhone 6

INR 2500

What are Difference between Standard vs OEM iPhone Screens.

There isn’t a huge distinction between standard and OEM iPhone screen replacements because OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) technically refers to the factories who assemble the screen using original component only. However, there can be variations within the OEM category depending on the source and quality. Here’s a breakdown:

Quality Type

Display Quality





Average display quality with slight color variation.

Satisfactory performance, may vary slightly from OEM screen.

More budget-friendly, ideal for cost-saving repairs.

Good durability, but may not be as resistant to wear and tear as OEM screens.


Original iPhone screen, accurate colors and sharpness.

Optimal performance with responsive touch and smooth operation.

Original iPhone screen at a lower price compared to authorized service providers.

Maximum durability and resistance to wear and tear.

Is it worth it to fix an iPhone screen?

Yes, it depends on which model of iPhone you are having and what shall be its resale value or usage time period to take such commercial decision. Repairing is always worthy as compared to buying a new device or replacing it under exchange program. It reduces carbon footprint from our mother earth because manufacturing a new iPhone results in almost 50 Kgs of water. Therefore, commercially, socially and technically, its always worthy to go with iPhone screen repair or replacement.

How much time does it take to replace my iPhone screen?

Entire process does not take more than 2-3 hours. Process involves pre-QC and then post iPhone Repair testing as well. One of the major time consuming activity associated with iPhone screen replacement is calibration. Rest, installation of new iPhone screen takes 1 hour only. Because we provide doorstep pick and drop service, so that transit time shall be extra depending on your location. However, being RapidRepair, our total turnaround time is not more than 6 to 7 hours for same day iPhone screen replacement service.

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