What can we fix for you today?

Ranging from cracked screens, camera issues, and water damage to any other hardware or software issue, we have knowledgeable technicians who can fix it all. No problem is too big or small for us. At Rapid Repair, we make sure that our services are aligned with the four pillars of Quality, Experience, Genuine Parts, and Quick Service.

iPhone, iPad, OnePlus, MacBook, Apple Watch Repair in Mumbai

Mumbai, the financial capital of our country, is the true cosmopolitan “melting pot” of India. From majestic architecture, ancient caves and art-deco buildings, the glitz and glamour of Bollywood and fashion, to the bustling street markets along Colaba Causeway and the crowded stretch of the Marine Drive overlooking the Arabian Sea, Mumbai has always managed to charm millions with its timeless and unique appeal.

As a Mumbaikar, you are used to getting the best of everything – and in record time too. So, we understand your frustration when you are stranded with a malfunctioning device. Yes, we are talking about your beloved Apple watch, iPhone, iPad, MacBook or OnePlus smartphone – the personal devices without which your life, even in Mumbai, can come to a standstill.

And that is exactly what the Rapid Repair’s super techies are prepared for – they help your devices get back to life in the shortest possible time. Our single point agenda is to offer the best quality repair service for your Apple devices and your OnePlus smartphone. Our secret ammunition is our team of highly-experienced and trained technicians who use state-of-the-art gadgets and the latest tech protocol to Repair Apple watch, iPhone, iPad, MacBook and OnePlus smartphone to perfection and always manage to delight our customers!

The best part is, you can get your prized devices like iPad, iPhone, OnePlus, and MacBook fixed without even stepping outside your house. Our logistics partners pick up the damaged device from your doorstep and sends it to our lab. Once we repair the device, we send it right back to you.

So, whether you are stuck with a fast-draining battery, malfunctioning camera, cracked screen, or a water damaged device, just give our super techies a call. Since we use only genuine parts for all repairs, you can rest assured that your phone is in good hands in Aamchi Mumbai.

Apple and OnePlus Repair Services in Mumbai - Common problems we are pros at solving

  • iphone Screen replacement

    Damaged Screen

    A broken screen is not only a blight, its highly dangerous to use as well. The splinters can damage your fingers or your ears. There is no need to put up with a damaged screen anymore when our expert technicians can carry out OnePlus and iPhone screen repairs in the shortest time possible for you

  • iphone Screen replacement

    Water Damage

    Usually, water damages can be a challenge to fix, because it depends on the extent of the damage. So, it is important to assess the type and severity of damage before moving on to fix the issue. Our technicians run a thorough diagnostic check for this purpose and then carry out the repair work

  • iphone Screen replacement

    Camera Replacement

    No matter what kind of camera-related problem you might be facing, be it flickering videos or a flash not working, we have the resources and expertise to fix it perfectly so you can start clicking to your hearts desire

  • iphone Screen replacement

    Speaker & Microphone Repair

    Are you hearing a distorted sound from your iPhone or iPad? Or maybe, there is no sound at all! Don’t fret. At Rapid Repair, we can fix this problem and get your device functioning smoothly in no time

  • iphone Screen replacement

    Battery Or Charging Issue

    Facing a slow charging or no charging problem with your iPhone? Or is the battery draining too fast? Just let our expert technicians quickly determine the problem and do a battery or charging port replacement

  • iphone Screen replacement

    Hard Drive Repair

    Are you getting the folder icon while booting your MacBook? Or is the hard drive of your MacBook extremely slow while trying to access data? Trust our Rapid Repair technicians to diagnose the problem and sort it out for you

  • iphone Screen replacement

    Keyboard Repair

    If the keyboard of your MacBook is not responding at all or maybe a few keys are acting up, just let our adept technicians identify the issue and resolve it for you. They will do a thorough diagnosis of the problem and fix it in the quickest possible time

  • iphone Screen replacement

    Trackpad Repair

    Our team handles all MacBook repairs with the ultimate precision and speed. So, you can expect an accurate diagnosis as well as a flawless repair work in the shortest time possible with your trackpad as well, no matter the kind of issue you are facing

How do our repair services work in Mumbai?

When your Apple device or OnePlus smartphone gets damaged, you probably worry about where to go to get it fixed. Luckily, with Rapid Repair, you don't need to go anywhere. We will come to you, wherever you are located in Mumbai. This video explains the whole process of how our doorstep pick and drop service works in Mumbai.

Here is what you need to do

  • Call us on 8130609004 or submit your repair request online.
  • After we receive your repair request, we will send you a package to your preferred address.
    This package will contain

    • A carrying box
    • A bubble case for the protection of your device
    • and A shipping bag with a shipping label
    • We will also send a SIM tray opener in the package so that you can easily remove the SIM from your phone.
  • This is what you have to do
    • Turn off your device
    • Take out any SIM/SD Card
    • Remove all casing, cover or accessories
    • Put the device in the bubble case, and after that, put that in the box
    • Once you have done that, tape the box properly, put the box in the shipping bag and paste the shipping label on it
  • Our logistics partner will pick the box from your address and deliver it to our state-of-the-art lab. Here, our technicians will first do a few diagnostics tests to determine the exact problem(s) and then undertake the repair process.

    Before we start the repair work, we will inform you about the issue(s) afflicting your device, how long the repair will take, and if there is any change in the initial estimate.

  • After the repair is complete, we will share a video of the repaired device and once you are satisfied, we will ship the device back to you.

Our expert repair services awaits you in Mumbai

Apple Watch Repair in Mumbai

India’s commercial capital Mumbai is one of the fastest growing cities in the country and also the place where the country’s who’s who and the country’s elite sit down to discuss business. Despite Apple Watches being a common trend on people’s wrists there are no dedicated repair services in Mumbai. That’s where Rapid Repair comes in to help Mumbaikars get the best Apple Watch repair services in Mumbai. From picking up your device, to carrying out the complete diagnosis Rapid Repair gives you the freedom to give away your watch for repair. We service all the top Apple Watch models including Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch 6 & 7 and more. We use top-quality OEM parts and can get your device up and running in no time at all.

iPhone Repair in Mumbai

No matter which iPhone model you have or what kind of issue you are facing, we can provide the best iPhone repair services in Mumbai with complete precision, transparency, and authenticity of parts. Whether your iPhone cameras are not functioning properly, or the screen has gone completely blank, or there is any other kind of hardware or software issue with your device, our skilled technicians will detect the problem in a jiffy and make your phone as good as new. You can rest assured of the quality when you give us your iPhone, as we use only genuine spare parts, so that your device has a new life.

iPad Repair in Mumbai

Why waste time hunting for an iPad repair centre when we make it so easy for you with the help of our logistics partners? They can easily collect the problematic iPad from your location and send it to us for fixing. And we will courier it to you once the job is done. Also, we can efficiently deal with all kinds of iPad models, like iPad Pro 11″, iPad Pro 12.9″ 3rd Generation, iPad Air 3, iPad Mini, iPad 2, iPad 7, iPad 6, and more. Be it a fast draining battery, blank screen, or your iPad not powering up at all; we deal with all of these issues on a daily basis and can resolve them quickly to get your device back to its original glory.

MacBook Repair in Mumbai

We deal with all kinds of software and hardware related issues with all MacBook models and provide the best and most reliable MacBook repair service in Mumbai. We employ only the most qualified technicians who possess a thorough knowledge of what they are doing. The MacBook models that we specialize in are – MacBook Pro 2019, MacBook Pro 2018, MacBook Air 2019, MacBook Air 2018, MacBook Air 2017, MacBook Air 2014, MacBook 2017, MacBook 2014, and more.

OnePlus Repair in Mumbai

We are adept at repairing all kinds of OnePlus models and can tackle all kinds of issues, so that you can live the smart life without a single worry. Once you raise a OnePlus repair request, our logistics partners will collect the phone from your location and send it to us. We will fix it, make it as good as new, and send it back to you.

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