122, Tower A,
Spazedge, Sohna Road,
Sector 47, Gurugram
Delhi NCR - 122002

+91 8130609004


122, Tower A,
Spazedge, Sohna Road,
Sector 47, Gurugram
Delhi NCR - 122002

+91 8130609004


iPhone Service Center Faridabad

Are you looking for an iPhone service center in Faridabad? If yes, you have found the most reliable center in the city. Rapid Repair has a proven track record of offering accurate and safe repairs. At our center we will fix your cracked, shattered or damaged iPhone and restore it to its original state in no time.



  • iphone  Screen Breakfix

    Screen Breakfix

  • water damage

    Water Damage

  • iphone camera Replacement

    Camera Replacement

  • iphone Speaker & Microphone Repair & Service

    Speaker & Microhone Repair

  • iphone Battery Replacement

    Battery Or Charging Issue

  • hardisk repair

    Harddrive Repair

  • keyboard repair

    Keyboard Repair

  • trackpad repair

    Trackpad Repair

iPhone Repair Service Faridabad

Rapid Repair offers comprehensive iPhone repair services in Faridabad. We have the necessary tools, protocols, and genuine parts to fix all types of iPhone models. What makes us stand out among our competitors is our team of enthusiastic repair technicians who are unmatched when it comes to experience and quality of work.

We understand that your iPhone is very precious to you, and you can't trust a repair center easily. Rapid Repair takes all the necessary steps to ensure that your trust is never broken. We are a reliable center because we treasure our iPhones too, and our repair technicians handle your iPhone with the utmost care as if it is their own. They disassemble the device efficiently, replace the old parts, fit the new parts, and perfectly reassemble the device as well.

We also offer a number of other benefits for your convenience which include:

  • Same-Day Service: Most iPhone repairs are done on the same day. Our repair technicians fix your damaged device in less than 24 hours. For some common repairs, such as iPhone battery replacement and iPhone screen replacement, we take only a couple of hours.
  • Only Use Genuine Parts: Don't be disheartened, thinking that your iPhone would lose its mojo once it goes to the repair center. We won't let that happen at Rapid Repair, as our technicians only use genuine parts to repair your device.
  • Free Pickup and Drop-off Service: If you are not able to make it to our iPhone repair center, call us and give us your address. We will reach you as quickly as possible to pick your damaged iPhone. Once it is fixed, we will drop it off at your location as well. You will not have to pay anything extra for our pickup and drop-off service.
  • Lifetime Warranty: We offer a lifetime warranty on almost all the repairs that we perform. This offer shows our commitment to offering you the best service and experience.

Our Repair Process: Rapid Repair's iPhone repair process is a simple three-step process. Our technicians begin by diagnosing the real problem once they receive your device. The second step is fixing the issue affecting the performance of your device. Third, ensuring that you are satisfied with our work.

We offer a range of iPhone repair services, including iPhone screen repair, camera repair, and frozen screen repair. We also handle water-damaged related iPhone repair. You can get the best service possible at our iPhone repair center in Faridabad for a hassle-free experience.

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