OnePlus 8 Pro Display Issues and Their Possible Solutions

OnePlus made headlines around the world with its flagship-esque devices that were available in affordable prices. While a lot of people still put OnePlus in the “flagship killer” category, the company forayed into the high-end category truly with the launch of their OnePlus 8 Pro. It was a significant bump over OnePlus 8 and sported a refreshing AMOLED screen with a 120Hz refresh rate.

The phone placed OnePlus along the likes of Samsung and Apple when it comes to smartphones in the premium end of the spectrum. However, just like any other phone, OnePlus 8 Pro has its fair share of bugs and issues as well. With the screen being the highlight of the device, OnePlus 8 Pro display issues plagues users the most. Here, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most common OnePlus 8 Pro display problems users face and some tips to solve them as well.

Dark Bar Across Selfie Camera

One of the major OnePlus 8 Pro display issues that many users have complained about is a dark bar across the selfie camera. It mostly crops up in less bright scenarios, especially when dealing with grey backgrounds.

Image credit: OnePlus Community

The presence of a dark bar across the selfie camera has raised concerns about the serious screen damage. Some wild reports have also suggested that the issue could be due to the defective front camera.

Screen Retention/Burn-In/Ghosting

There is no doubt that the OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) display is more power-efficient and provides an immersive viewing experience. That is the reason why it’s got such a huge demand. However, it is not without flaws.

The OLED display in OnePlus 8 Pro is unable to hold the burn-in issue at bay. For those uninitiated, it is image retention which is caused by the uneven degradation of the pixels.

Though you shouldn’t worry about the ghosting problem as it’s normal behavior, make sure to avoid leaving the screen on a static image for long periods of time to prevent this issue. When not in use, be sure to lock the phone.

Green/Purple Tint

The green tint issue in OnePlus 8 Pro can be noticed in lower brightness, has also been reported by several users. Whenever a user tries to invert colors, the display shows weird looking green/purple tints on the screen. It puts the whole purpose of inverting colors on the backburner.

Image credit: 91Mobiles

User who have faced the OnePlus 8 Pro green tint issue have reported that turning off DC Dimming temporarily solves the problem. For those unfamiliar with it, DC Dimming is designed to neutralize the display and also decreases the voltage being delivered to the pixels.

To turn it off, head into Settings> Utilities > OnePlus Laboratory. Then, turn off the toggle for DC Dimming.

Image credit: Smartprix

Black Crush

Last but not the least, black crush is yet another OnePlus 8 Pro display issue that is widely prevalent on OnePlus 8 Pro devices. It is said to be triggered during darker scenes when watching videos or scrolling through dark backgrounds. It is so intrusive at times that it hurts the whole media watching experience.

Image credit: OnePlus Community

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Touchscreen Lag

Many users have experienced that when the refresh rate and resolution of their OnePlus 8 Pro is kept at 120Hz and Quad HD, there is a noticeable lag in the touchscreen and ghost touches as well. This phenomenon becomes more prevalent while using the keyboard.

Reducing the display resolution is a quick fix to solve this issue but isn’t ideal as it prevents users from getting the most out of the superb display. Some users have noticed that disabling the “Three-finger screenshot” does the trick as well.

What Are the Solutions to Troubleshoot OnePlus 8 Pro Display Problems?

Though the above-mentioned issues might give you an indication that its always the screen which is defective, we won’t completely rule out the possibility of a software glitch.

Update Software

As software updates often come with a host of performance improvements and bug fixes, the OnePlus 8 Pro display issues can be fixed with the latest update and we would recommend you update your device first.

To download and install the latest version of OxygenOS on your OnePlus 8 Pro, head over to Settings > System > System Updates. Now, download and install the latest version of OxygenOS on your device as usual.

Factory Reset

Keep a back up of data and important files before resetting your device.

If your phone is on, you can go to Settings > System > Reset > Erase all data to factory reset the phone.

If your phone is off, press and hold the power button and volume down key together until the phone vibrates. Use the volume keys to navigate up and down in the Android Recovery screen and the power button to select something. Go to the “Wipe data and cache” option and choose “Erase everything” to factory reset the device.

Clean the Screen

While it’s not a solution per se, we would also recommend you to clean the screen, ensuring there is no pileup of smudge. Believe it or not, dust tends to sneak into ports, speakers, and other areas like the front camera, and microphones with ease. So, be sure it’s not creating problems for the display.

Even though most screen protectors claim to be dust resistant, not all of them are able to do what they advertise. Thus, if you find your screen guard incapable, replace it with a better one.

Contact the Repair Centre If Software Update Fails to Resolve the Display Issues on Your OnePlus 8 Pro

In some cases, the OnePlus 8 Pro display issue can’t be solved with software updates or factory resetting the device and it could be that the screen of your OnePlus 8 Pro is defective. In such cases, you might need to get the screen repaired or replaced by a trusted OnePlus smartphone repair centre near you.

Rapid Repair is one of the most trusted repair centres for OnePlus 8 Pro and other OnePlus devices. Our team of experienced super-techies are capable of fixing anything at a reasonable cost and make it look like new. We use genuine parts only and you can be sure of our service as we provide a guarantee as well. If you are facing any issues with your OnePlus 8 Pro, display related or otherwise, contact us and other delivery partner will be at your doorstep to pick up the device and return it back to you once it’s fixed.

OnePlus Smartphone Screen Not Working? Here are 6 Pro Tips to Fix It!

There’s no doubt that your OnePlus smartphone is pretty cool and gets so much done for you! Which is why, if you have experienced your OnePlus screen not Working, then it is natural to feel worried. While OnePlus is known as a ‘Flagship-killer’ with top of the line specs, an amazing screen, high refresh rate and low price, it is not completely immune to problems. A number of users have complained about their OnePlus touch screen not responding properly and experiencing ‘ghost touches’ quite often. Luckily, this article talks about a few reliable solutions, using which you can easily fix your OnePlus screen not working issue. But first, let’s look at why this common hiccup occurs in most OnePlus smartphones.

Why does the OnePlus Smartphone’s Screen Become Unresponsive?

Android screens have improved a lot over the past few years, but can still exhibit problems like flickering, flashing, blinking, and unresponsive touch, now and then. As far as the latest OnePlus devices are concerned, touchscreen unresponsiveness on the OnePlus 9/9 Pro or OnePlus 8/8 Pro can ruin the whole experience. But before you call the service centre and decide to return the device, the OnePlus touch not working problem could be something other than a hardware issue. It could be due to many reasons such as a worn-out screen guard, cluttered storage or even screen damage. So, if you ever run into a touchscreen not working problem on your OnePlus device, you should take a close look at these above-mentioned aspects. Now, it’s time to check out the solutions.

Simply Restart Your Smartphone

The first thing that you should do to fix the touchscreen issues on your OnePlus device is to restart or reboot it. Many a time, a simple restart can come in super handy in resolving common problems. So, do not fail to give it a shot.

Simply hold down the power key and then choose the Power Off option. After that, wait for a few minutes and then hold down the power key again to reboot your device. Once your smartphone has restarted, check if the touchscreen has started to work normally. If it has, it’s time to get on with your life.

Simply, hold down the power key and then choose the Power Off option. After that, wait for a few minutes and then hold down the power key again to reboot your device. Once your smartphone has restarted, check if the touch screen has started to work normally. If it has, it’s time to get on with your chore.

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Remove the Screen Guard

If the touchscreen continues to act erratically on your OnePlus smartphone, remove the screen protector. If the screen guard is worn out or made of cheap material, it could be creating a problem. Besides, do note that dust and smudge may also be preventing the touchscreen from working smoothly.

Clear the Cache of Your OnePlus Smartphone 

This means, wipe out all the redundant files on your device, including the photos, screenshots, videos and notes that are no longer needed. Also, do not spare the outdated and unnecessary apps, as they could be causing the problem.

Update All Apps and Games

If the touchscreen tends to become unresponsive inside specific apps, the problem could be with those apps and not your device. So, try updating all the apps on your device. Head over to the Google Play Store > Profile > Manage apps and device > Updates available and then update the apps.

Hard Reset your OnePlus Device

If the touchscreen seems unresponsive even after you have wiped out all the unnecessary data, then go for a hard reset. Hard resetting a OnePlus device is quite easy and can solve the issue.

Press and hold the Power and Volume Up button to force your device to shut down. After the phone is switched off, wait for a few moments and then hold the Power button for about 15 seconds or when the phone vibrates and starts booting up. If the phone doesn’t restart on its own, then try pressing the Power button for a couple of seconds more.

Credit: AndroidCentral

Once you have all the backup, power off your device and then hold down the volume up, home and power buttons all at once until you see the OnePlus logo. Now, the Recovery mode screen will appear. Click on Wipe Data/Factory Reset and confirm—use the volume key to scroll and use the power key to confirm the action. After that, reboot the device.

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Reset App Preferences

Apps and software can also be a reason behind your OnePlus screen not working. If you are unable to pinpoint which app is causing an issue, you can try to reset the app preferences to see if that fixes the issue. Here is how you can do it:

Step 1: Go to ‘Settings’

Step 2: Navigate to the ‘System’ tab

Step 3: Tap on ‘Reset Options’

Step 4: Tap ‘Reset app preferences’ and then choose ‘Reset apps’

This process doesn’t delete any personal data saved for the app, meaning you won’t lose any game progress or past chats. It will reset the app permissions, VPN configurations, clear all paired devices, reset app notifications, delete Wi-Fi passwords, etc.

If Nothing Works, Contact the Pros

All the tips mentioned above are tried and tested remedies to fix your OnePlus touch not working properly problem. While these tips work for a lot of people and fix their non-responsive touchscreens, it might not work for you. You might need a professional to check out your device, as the reason for your touchscreen not working properly can be attributed to physical screen damage. In cases like these, it is advised to contact the best OnePlus repair centre in India to fix the issue.

Rapid Repair, a prominent mobile repair service provider, is well-known around the country, thanks to expert and skilled technicians. We are a great option if you are facing the OnePlus touchscreen not working properly problem and the above hacks are not effective. We not only provide superior customer service, but also update you about every step we take to fix your precious device. You can contact us anytime to get your OnePlus device picked up, repaired, and delivered to your doorstep.

12 Common OnePlus 5T Problems & How to Fix Them

Boasting high-end specs coupled with a top-notch Snapdragon processor, the OnePlus 5T has got everything it needs to be a flagship killer. However, the smartphone isn’t without flaws. Many users have reported several issues like random freezing and unexpected battery drain that they have faced on the 5T. After taking those issues into account, we have decided to discuss the 12 common OnePlus 5T problems and their possible solutions.

Basic OnePlus 5T Problems and Their Solutions

First, we are going to talk about the basic OnePlus 5T issues and then we will offer viable pro tips to troubleshoot them.

  1. Wi-Fi Problem

    There have been numerous complaints about the Wi-Fi, such as signal drops causing reduced speed and poor connectivity. Though OnePlus released a couple of OxygenOS updates to fix the issue, some users are still not satisfied with the performance. We recommend heading to the Settings > System Updates > Check for update and verifying if there is any update available for your phone.

    If yes, it is advisable to install the latest available update. Using the latest update will help your device to stay in sync with the Wi-Fi connectivity requirements. Another step includes turning it off and on again. It’s a good suggestion because this way the device gets to reconnect with the hotspot again. You can also reset your Wi-Fi settings and then connect your OnePlus 5T again. Do remember, you will have to reconnect will all Wireless devices after resetting Wi-Fi settings.

  2. Digital Camera Problem

    This is the second most common OnePlus 5T Problems. Here again, we recommend installing the latest available update for your phone. The newest update has a night mode, better recording features, and HDR mode. Some Snapchat users complain of app crash on OnePlus when using the camera.

    Here is what you can do if your OnePlus 5T camera is not working – go to Settings, and navigate to App Manager, then Snapchat, and clear the cached data and then press force stop. This will wipe out the cache, which will not only help you to troubleshoot the OnePlus 5T camera problem, but also retrieve some precious storage space.

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  3. Face Unlock Issue

    The speed of the OnePlus 5T face unlock is normally fast and instantaneous. However, it often causes problems for some users. An easy solution is to delete the registered face identity and redo the recognition process.

    Make sure to scan your face in a well-lit room, since that allows great recognition, and makes for an ideal setting. Since this trick has worked for several users, we hope it helps in fixing the OnePlus 5T face unlock issues for you as well.

  4. Bluetooth Issues

    A number of users have complained about OnePlus 5T problems for Bluetooth connectivity issues. This is mainly a OnePlus 5T Oreo update issue. Therefore, we would recommend you to unpair all the devices, delete all existing connections, and start over. This also works if your device has received several software updates and the Bluetooth has started acting up after the updates. You can also try to update to the latest Android Pie to fix this issue.

  5. Fingerprint Scanner Problem

    Though fingerprint scanning in OnePlus 5T is incredibly fast, it sometimes gets false readings when the phone is in your pocket. Here is a hack that will stop the phone from turning on when in the pocket. Delete all the saved prints and reset again. After that, add a fingerprint again.

    Once you have added a new fingerprint, check out if you have been able to fix the issue. If you have finally got the better of the fingerprint scanner not working issue on your OnePlus 5T, you are good to go!

  6. Mobile Charging Issue

    This is one of the most common issues with any smartphone these days, and not just OnePlus 5T. Usually a faulty charger or the actual charging port can be the leading cause of this OnePlus 5T problems. To find out whether the issue is with the charger, simply try charging with a new one or someone else’s charger. If the phone is charging, the issue is with your charger.

    If it is still not charging, the issue may be with the charging port itself. You can visit a the nearest reliable OnePlus repair centre and get them to check your charging port as it might need replacement.

    Complex OnePlus 5T Problems and Their Solutions

  7. Mobile Turns On, But There is No Display

    If you find that your phone’s status indicator is switched on and the ringer slider is vibrating, but there is nothing on the screen, then the system has turned on without a display, and it might be an issue with the display itself. Here is what you can do:

    • Reboot the phone in recovery mode – Press and hold both the Volume button and Power button until the recovery screen appears.
    • Choose Wipe Cache and Factory Reset Phone – be careful while doing this step if your data is not backed up on Google Drive as all local data not backed up will be lost

    The issue might also be because of actual hardware failure. The best way to tackle such a problem is to seek help from professionals. If you are using the OnePlus 5T mobile, we strongly recommend taking the smartphone to a centre in Delhi.

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  8. Freezing Issue

    Another major OnePlus 5T problem is OS corruption. There are times when the phone starts booting but gets stuck and freezes. There can be several things that can go wrong with a smartphone. You can try fixing some of the freezing and booting issues by pressing and holding the power button for ten seconds. But if that doesn’t work, it’s best to take your device to a mobile repair centre.

    The experts at a OnePlus service centre will assist you in fixing your device, even when it is out of warranty. They will have all kinds of tools and equipment that are required to identify or diagnose the issue in your system. Whether it is a nasty software fault or a severe hardware problem, professional technicians will handle it accordingly and repair your system within the time they promise. This way, you can save a lot of time, hassle, and get the best solution for your smartphone.

  9. Overheating

    Sometimes, an overheated graphics card or processor can be the main cause behind a blue screen or a sudden phone crash. The heat emanating from the smartphone can easily help you in identifying if the device is overheating. We also recommend downloading some temperature monitoring tools that can help you detect whether your phone has overheating issues or not.

    Visiting a trusted service centre can help you get more information and basic troubleshooting tips regarding the heating issue. The experts at such a service centre will know about quick, exact, and reliable solutions to almost all kinds of problems. They will have all the tools and programs needed to diagnose any issue. This will save both your time and money.

  10. Battery Gets Drained Too Quickly

    If you find your battery getting depleted faster than it should, you must take a look at the applications or software that are running in the background. The easiest route for solving the OnePlus 5T battery-draining fast issue is checking the background battery use.

    Go to Settings > System > Battery Saver> Battery Use. The Battery Use will give you a list of all the applications that are running in the background and consuming the battery. If you find an unnecessary application that shouldn’t be there, click on it and turn off the application from running in the background. In case the problem persists, plan a visit to the nearest OnePlus repair centre to get a more advanced diagnosis for your issue.

  11. OnePlus 5T Feels Rather Sluggish

    A number of OnePlus 5T users have reported that their smartphones have become rather slow. Though OnePlus devices are known for fast and smooth performance, they are not immune to sluggishness.

    To fix your slow-moving OnePlus 5T, get rid of all the redundant files. If you haven’t deleted the unnecessary screenshots and files on your 5T, there is a high chance that the problem could be due to the pile of clutter. So, clean them up and you may be able to sort out the issue right away!

  12. Random App Crashing

    A handful of OnePlus 5T users have also complained about random app crashing. While some have said that apps tend to crash at the launch itself, others have reported that apps unexpectedly crash while being active.

    Image credit: Gotta Be Mobile

    The best way to troubleshoot the unexpected app crashing problem on OnePlus 5T is to update the apps. Yeah, you read that right! App crashing mostly occurs due to the outdated version of the software. So, make sure to update all the problematic apps. If that doesn’t help you, delete those outdated apps and reinstall them.

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Choosing a Mobile Service Repair Centre

There is no denying that the number of people using computers and smartphones on a daily basis has shot up over time. However, the number of problems a mobile device can face has gone up too. So, it is not surprising if once in a while you need experts to solve your phone’s software and hardware issues. While you can go online to choose a repair centre, remember that the internet is also a breeding place for fraudulent people and cheats, who can dupe you. Hence, it is important to choose an authorized OnePlus service centre in Delhi NCR/Gurgaon. Keep the following things in mind while making a selection:

  1. The reputation of the centre- It is essential to check whether the repair centre has a good reputation and whether the experts there are known for satisfactory OnePlus repairing and services. You can gather as much information as you can by conducting some research, checking Google reviews, and watching out for any negative reviews.
  2. Types of services offered- All service centres might not be able to tackle issues with OnePlus devices. So, make sure you pick one that can. It is also vital to check whether the support centre provides both onsite and remote support for all your hardware-software related problems.
  3. Knowledge and expertise of the technical staff- When it comes to repairing your OnePlus 5T, the technicians handling it should have the right training and proper understanding of the problem. Authorized service centres always offer advanced training to their technicians and engineers so they can do flawless jobs.

While choosing a service centre for your OnePlus 5T problems, find out how much time they will take and what they will charge. Compare quotes with other centres and then take a decision. Or you can simply choose Rapid Repair, to be on the safe side.

Backed by several years of expertise, Rapid Repair is a leading OnePlus repair centre in Delhi and also across the major cities in India, including Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, and more. So, just in case your OnePlus smartphone continues to malfunction, reach out to us to get the device fixed at the earliest.

OnePlus 7 Pro Camera Settings And Tricks You Need To Know!

The iPhones and the Pixels sure pack in some punch when it comes to great photos, but trust us when we say that it’s possible to click awesome stuff even with a more standard phone like the OnePlus 7 Pro. Boasting top-of-the-line specs along with stunning cameras, which includes the 16 MP selfie shooter and 48MP + 8MP + 16MP triple rear-camera, the OnePlus 7 Pro has got what it takes to create really good photos. If you are serious about your mobile photographs, then make sure you do more than point at something and just press the click button. Here are some great tricks and tips that can produce some jaw-dropping photographs.

10 tricks to click fabulous photos with your OnePlus 7 Pro

#1 Customization of the OnePlus 7 Pro Camera Interface

It is easy to customize the shooting mode in your OnePlus 7 Pro and have your favourite modes next to each other. If you are someone who is more into the slow-motion mode over the pro mode, you can juggle it now.

The steps are rather simple – pull up the preferred-mode screen and tap on Settings. Then tap on customized modes and go about your modifications. However, the video and photo mode cannot be moved or removed, quite obviously.

#2 Select the 48MP mode for highly detailed pictures

Want to click a printable family portrait with your phone? This is where the 48MP shooter comes in handy. By default, the OnePlus 7 Pro produces 12MP images even though the sensor is 48MP. No denying, the pictures come out really good.

To activate the 48MP sensor, click on the pro mode and tap on the tiny JPEG 48 icon and you are good to go! This gives you highly detailed photos that you can even print without compromising on quality. Just have a look at our office photo below taken with a OnePlus 7 Pro.

#3 Leverage ultra-wide lens correction

The ultra-wide mode in the recent cameras is a rage and widely used, though they come with a major flaw of ending up with a slight fisheye distortion. In some phones, the distortion needs to be manually removed. However, with the OnePlus 7 Pro, the issue is taken care of by the phone itself. In the settings menu, just enable the Ultra Wide Lens Correction option.

Editor’s Note: For the uninitiated, the ultra-wide-angle lens captures images with an extremely wide angle of view. The ability to fit much of the foreground and the surrounding elements makes it a preferred choice for architecture and landscape photography. So, the next time you wish to amp your landscape photography or want to capture architecture shots like a pro, don’t forget to bring it into action.

#4 Get Smart with your phone photography

The Google Lens Integration on the camera app of OnePlus 7 range is a boon for smartphone users, especially OnePlus 7 Pro. It eases the process of recognizing common objects like bar codes, email address, phone number, among others.

To activate the lens, one has to long-press on the screen of the camera interface. The Smart Content Detection option gives the camera a good boost. For instance, if the camera detects a breath-taking landscape, it will notify you to use the wide-angle mode instead of the regular auto mode.

Just point your camera towards the subject and it will prompt! Enable the Smart Content Detection option by heading over to settings and toggling the switch on.

#5 Make way for beautiful and crisp night shots

With the Nightscape 2.0, OnePlus 7 Pro’s new night mode, one can get beautiful night shots. It uses an inbuilt long exposure photography tactic for low light conditions, which can help capture crisp photos with less noise and the right amount of light.

While OnePlus Pro’s night mode is pretty good in terms of capturing impressive shots at night or low-lit environments, there is one thing you must keep in mind. And that is camera stability. If you fail to keep the camera steady, you won’t get the desired result. Now, if you are wondering what might be the right way to prevent the smartphone from shaking, let us tell you that a tripod could be a great asset for snapping pro-looking night shots using your OnePlus 7 Pro.

Editor’s Note: You can get a super handy tripod from Amazon at around ₹500-1000. Among a plethora of options, there are three tripods that have managed to catch our attention. Hoteon (₹510), Powerpak LS (₹800), and Mobilife (₹1000). They are well-built and let you hold the smartphone in multiple orientations, perfect for the times when you want to have the enhanced flexibility to shoot pro-grade photos or videos. Oh yes, they also come equipped with a nifty remote to let you snap photos without having to deal with the last-minute shake!

#6 Get Rid of the Mirrored Selfie

If you aren’t a fan of mirrored selfies and often worry about the OnePlus 7 Pro’s camera snapping it by default, you aren’t alone. Well, the good thing is, you can turn it off/on at your will. Simply head to the Camera Settings on your OnePlus 7 Pro and disable the toggle right next to the Mirrored photo option.

#7 Get DSLR quality portrait shots

The 3x telephoto camera is a cool way to zoom in on your subject. However, using the required minimum distance is the only way you would get a clear portrait shot. The camera interface has an active indicator to alert you if you are too close or far from your subject. If the depth icon is green, you are good to go with your perfect shot. If it shows grey, it indicates a need for readjustment.

#8 Save RAW images from your phone!

How professional could the OnePlus 7 Pro camera get? RAW images by format are more flexible to edit than the standard JPEG images. From individual colour corrections to lighting adjustments, RAW images are known to be a favourite among avid photographers.

The RAW mode too, like the 48MP shoot mode, cannot be found simply in the settings. To activate, open the PRO mode and tap on the tiny JPEG icon and select RAW.

9. Zoom with Precision

OnePlus 7 Pro has made it pretty simple to zoom. If you are still using the age-old pinch gesture to zoom, be sure to master this nifty hack as it can play a key role in speeding up your mobile photography.

Image credit: GuidingTech

While you are inside the camera, touch one of the three icons gently on the camera interface and then slide your finger to the right slowly. Super handy, isn’t it? Now that you know how this hidden trick works, make the most of it to zoom like a pro.

Wish to Elevate Your Photography? Try Out the Pro Photo/Video Editors!

This is just an extra suggestion. If you have a liking for shooting photos and video, chances are pretty high that you would be sharing them on social networking platforms. Though most social networking apps come with a handful of built-in tools to let you enhance your shots, they are quite limited.

So, if you don’t want those restrictions to prevent your images/clips from garnering a ton of likes, we would recommend photo/video editors. While Snapseed and Adobe Lightroom are the best photo editors, FilmoraGo and Funimate are among the top-notch video editors for Android. Not to mention, these apps are available for free, so that you can get the most out of them without having to break your bank!

Bottom Line

For those who cannot fork out the cash for the biggie phones, OnePlus 7 Pro camera has a lot to offer. Overall image quality is super, and so there is already a lot of potential for great photography. Add to that our list of 10 great suggestions, and you can click pictures that are as good as DSLR photographs.

It’s worth pointing out that we have also covered a handful of common tips and tricks for OnePlus 7 Pro that can help you to not only get the most out of your flagship smartphone, but also enable you to fix some oft-repeated annoyances.

Though OnePlus 7 Pro has received high praise for fast and snappy performance, it is after all an electronic device and may run into issues for some reason or the other. This is where Rapid Repair – India’s most preferred OnePlus repair brand – comes into the picture.

Meanwhile, do not forget to share with us your favourite clicks!

Tips to Fix OnePlus Microphone/Headphone Issue

The stock Android experience backed top-notch hardware at a killer price point is what makes OnePlus smartphones stand out. But then again, random issues are part and parcel of technologies and OnePlus’ offerings are no different.

One of the most common issues that a large number of OnePlus users have reported recently are problems with microphone or headphone. While some users have reported that the microphone doesn’t deliver audio at all, others have complained that their ear speaker or even headphones (when connected with the device) don’t provide audio properly. Whatever could be ailing your device, we have got you covered with some viable tips and tricks to troubleshoot the OnePlus microphone or headphone issue. That said, let’s get started with the guide!

Restart Your OnePlus Device

To get started, let’s first try out the solution that often works in fixing common issues. As you may have already guessed, we are talking about the restart. Whether it is solving the app freezing issues or the sluggishness, a quick restart often comes in handy in taking control of miscellaneous problems.

Press and hold the power button and when the power options shows up, press the Restart option. Once your OnePlus device has rebooted, check out if the microphone/headphone has started to work normally. If it has, you are good to go!

Remove gunk from the microphone hole

Believe it or not, tiny particles of smudge and gunk often tend to sneak into microphones and prevent them from working properly. At times, gunk or debris completely blocks the microphone from delivering sound. Therefore, it’s always recommended to clean them frequently.

You can use a soft ended toothpick to clean the microphones. Be sure to do it gently as the microphones could get damaged due to hard rubbing.

Reset the Headphones

If you don’t get sound through the headphones, try to reset them. The problem might be with the headphones and not the device itself.

In case of wireless Headphones, the process of resetting headphones vary, take the help of the user manual if you need assistance. After that, reconnect them. Once you have reconnected your OnePlus smartphone to the headphones, check out if the audio is back. In case of wired Headphones, try and clean the connector and the jack and then see if you start getting any sound.

Update Software

No solution as yet? Don’t worry as we still have a fairly reliable solution in the form of a software update to troubleshoot the headphone or microphone issues on the OnePlus device. Most software updates come bundled with a range of bug fixes and performance enhancements. So, updating the software on the device may work in getting rid of the issue.

Image credit: OnePlus

Head over to the Settings app on your device and choose System. Now, tap on System Updates. Then, click on Check for updates. If there is any update available, download and install it on your OnePlus smartphone.

Reset Your Device

If the microphone/headphone issue still persists on your OnePlus device, it’s time to go for a radical solution. With a radical solution, we mean erasing the entire data and resetting the smartphone. As the complete cleanup often fixes even complex issues, it often resolves this issue as well as long as it due to a software related problem.

Before erasing the entire content, make sure you have backed your device (Settings > System > Backup). Launch Settings app on your smartphone and choose System. After that, tap on Erase all data. Then, tap on Reset Phone.

Image credit: OnePlus

Next up, enter your password/PIN and hit Next. Finally, tap on ERASE EVERYTHING to confirm the action.

If Nothing Works: Contact a Trusted OnePlus Device

If none of the solutions mentioned above has worked in solving the microphone problem or the ill-fated headphones issues on your OnePlus smartphone, there might be some hardware issues. If you are still facing issues with earphone, headphone or microphone even after trying all the above steps, contact a trusted OnePlus repair centre to fix your smartphone.

Speaking of a trusted OnePlus service centre, Rapid Repair is an eminent name across India. Thanks to the fast and efficient service at a cost-effective price point, we have emerged as the most preferred destination for troubleshooting OnePlus issues. So, reach out to us at the earliest to fix this issue.

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