M3 Mac Mini 2024 – Release Date & Rumours

Since its inception, Apple has been changing the tech world one gadget at a time. Very few brands get to enjoy the fandom like Apple. Rumours start circulating even months before the release of a new Apple gadget, and naturally, create bubbles of expectations in the hearts of Apple enthusiasts. And now, after the release of the new iPhone 15 series, the next big expectation from the house of Apple is the M3 Mac Mini. It is not going to see the daylight before 2024, yet Mac Mini M3 rumours are already making a round. But, what’s there to look for? How different it will be from the previous generation Mac? How much will we get and how much can it cost? Let’s dive deeper to find these answers.

Source: MacRumors

But before that, it’s important to talk about the M3 chip. After all, that’s where the game will change. As you are reading this, somewhere in this world the techies at Apple are working on the next version of the M-series silicon chip, the M3. Like the previous chips from this series, it can be speculated that there will be multiple versions of M3 chips apart from the standard one, like M3 Pro, M3 Max and M3 Ultra. Unlike in the M2 series silicon chips, Apple will use TMSC’s latest 3-nanometer chip technology for an enhanced performance. Like in M2, the standard M3 chip may feature an 8-core CPU and a 10-core GPU, with upgrades in the higher-end chips. Mac Mini will be powered with this newest chip.

Now, let’s check out the expected M3 Mac Mini 2024 specs.

M3 Mac Mini expected features

Some of you may have got an idea about what to expect from the upcoming Mac Mini, from the above discussion regarding the M3 chip. Still, here’s a list of the expected specs of the Mac Mini for a better insight.

RAM – 24GB

CPU – 8-Core Central Processor

GPU – 10-Core Graphics Processor

OS – macOS Sonoma 14.1

Source: MacRumors

Ports – 2 Thunderbolt-4, 2 USB-A, one Ethernet port, one HDMI, and one Headphone Jack.

The macOS Sonoma 14.1 is currently being developed and its beta version was released very recently.

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Expected release date of M3 Mac Mini

As it was not released in the September 2023 Fall Event of Apple, experts speculate that it will not be available in the market before 2024. While some guesses suggest that it will be released in January 2024, others are suggesting that it won’t come out before the middle of the next year. Like you, we are all ears for an official announcement from Apple.

Price of M3 Mac Mini in India

As there isn’t much difference between M2 Mac Mini and M3 Mac Mini except for the chip, it can be expected there will not be much difference in the price as well. In India, the M3 Mac Mini 2024 price can be somewhere within ₹79,999/- and the price of the previous generation model will be reduced.

Source: 9to5Mac

Now that’s all we can know about M3 Mac Mini 2024 as of now. But the game of speculation will carry on till the release. So, if you are planning to upgrade your Mac, it’s better to wait until next year and see what’s actually there in Apple’s bucket this time.

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iOS 17 – What’s New for you, Compatibility, Feature Do Update or Not?

iOS 17 Update: Features and Supported Devices

The news of the release of the iPhone 15 series is not new anymore. It’s been a week, yet the buzz is still around. But that’s not all. With the launch, Apple also introduced the iOS 17, and oh boy! There are some cool features in it. Last June, during the Apple WWDC event, it was the first time we heard about this new version of iOS. Rumours started roaming in the air since then, and it’s finally here. But even that’s not all. Some bugs were reported in this latest iOS, and people faced issues like rapid battery drainage. To address these problems, Apple released iOS 17.0.1 and iOS 17.0.2 within a few days from the launch date of iOS 17.

Source: Techzle

Now, what’s up with that?

The tech giant claimed that they have addressed three security glitches in the latest updates, that were prevalent in versions of iOS prior to iOS 16.7. And what are those? The first one was a Kernel issue, where, to quote Apple, “a local attacker may be able to elevate their privileges.” The second was a security issue that recognized the risk of bypassing signature validation by malicious apps. The third one involved a WebKit fix, to prevent arbitrary code execution while processing web content. Sounds scary? Well, we have to admit that these things are inevitable in the tech world. Gaps will be there and efforts will be made to cover them.

Now, you might be wondering who can update to these latest versions of iOS and more importantly, why should they? Also, how is it done?

We will get to the answers, one by one. So stay tuned as you are about to witness a detailed discussion on everything related to the 17th-generation iOS.

Who can upgrade to iOS 17.0.1 and 17.0.2?

If you are using any iPhone released in 2018 or after that, you can update your iOS to 17.0.1. That means it is for the users of the iPhone XR, XS, XS Max and later models till iPhone 14 Pro Max. Whereas, as of now, iOS 17.0.2 is only for iPhone 15 series models, i.e. iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

The fun part is, that even if you are not planning to buy an iPhone 15 series model right now, you can get some taste of it by simply upgrading to iOS 17.0.1. How? Simple, through some of its outstanding features. Let’s see what are those.

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Features to look for in iOS 17

If we go on to explain all the new features of iOS 17, it will fill up a novella! So here, we are covering a few of the game-changers, that will enhance your iPhone using experience. The rest, if you wish, you can find out by exploring your gadget after the update. So let’s see what’s exciting in the bucket.

Contact with a personal touch – iOS 17 will allow you to customize your appearance on other people’s devices when you call them. This can be done through a customized poster.

The message of harmony – Get all your stickers in one place in the iMessage app. And if you want more, you can create your sticker from any image or video, with added effects. Not just this, you will also get a real-time transcription of received audio messages, in case you are not in a position to hear a voice note. Even finding a previous message will be easier by using multiple search filters.

A darling to stand by you – I am not kidding, this feature is a darling! So, while charging your iPhone, you can keep it on its side and opt for the StandBy mode. There, you can set a clock, a calendar, or any photo album from your gallery. And it will be there on your screen. Undoubtedly, the coolest bedside clock you can get.

FaceTime with added fun time – If your FaceTime call is not received, you will get the option to record and send your message in audio or video format. You can also enjoy your FaceTime calls on Apple TV 4K 2nd generation and later, by using your iPhone’s camera. Sounds fun.

Widget with wizarding power – For a few minor tasks, like ticking off a reminder, you don’t have to unlock your iPhone any more. With an interactive widget, you can perform simple tasks by simply tapping on the widget while your gadget is locked or in StandBy mode.

Source: Mac Life

Come closer and share via AirDrop – In this latest iOS, you will be able to share content via AirDrop from one iPhone to another by simply bringing them closer. After all, even our gadgets deserve some good company.

Get more friendly with Siri – After years of acquaintance, finally, you can be more informal with Siri. To activate Siri, just call her name, no need to say Hey anymore. In iPhone 11 and later models, you can even make back-to-back requests to Siri without reactivating her in between. Looks like finally, the ice can break in between you and Siri.

So, how to install iOS 17 on an iPhone?

To say the least, it’s a cakewalk! Just go to the Settings app, click on General and then on Software Update. Here, you will get the details about the update. Next, select Download. Then click on Install and wait for the magic.

Once you install iOS 17 on your iPhone,chances are high that you will spend the next few hours immersed in the wonders of this latest version of iOS. And in case you are still doubtful about whether to install iOS 17 or not, just ask yourself, why not?

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iPhone 12 Battery Replacement Cost in India – Things you Should Know

iPhone 12 battery replacement cost

When launched, the iPhone 12 was an instant hit given its Slate form factor by Apple, which is pretty much standard with all the other models launched after the iPhone 12 series. A14 Bionic chip made it powerful enough to run power-hungry applications and multi-task.

However, given the sleek design and all the amazing features, the 2815 mAh battery is limited in its performance and calls for replacement whenever it doesn’t support peak performance or gets damaged due to physical impact or liquid.

If you are wondering why your battery of iPhone 12 doesn’t even last for a few hours then you should check its battery health. Here is how you can check it. SETTINGS >> BATTERY >> BATTERY HEALTH

** Source: support.apple.com

Next to the “Battery Health” section, if there is “SERVICE” mentioned then it needs replacement because the health has gone below 80%. Here is the message that you will get when you know it’s time for your iPhone 12 battery replacement.

** Source: support.apple.com

Alright, now that you know that your iPhone 12 needs battery replacement, the question in your mind will be how much does iPhone 12 battery replacement cost? Well, the cost may slightly vary given the service charges by service providers and we don’t recommend going for any aftermarket battery replacement option as it won’t be calibrated with your iPhone and will give you an error message (shown below):

** Source: support.apple.com

Credibly, there are 2 options for where you can get your iPhone 12 Battery replacement from. First, the Authorised Apple Service Center, who will make an appointment and you may have to personally visit a store near you, wait for some hours and yes of course pay a premium on the iPhone 12 battery cost because of their service charges. You can first get the estimate online at https://support.apple.com/en-in/iphone/repair

The second option and quite a hot favourite these days is the IRPs – Independent Repair Providers. Now, some companies are super skilled and qualified in repairing Apple products by using OEM parts to ensure in best-in-breed service experience for all Apple devices. In this blog, we have taken the iPhone 12 battery price reference and other information from one of the top 3 IRP companies in India, www.rapidrepair.in

iPhone 12 Battery Replacement Price and Options

Below is a quick snapshot of the 2 best service options available you to if you are still wondering what will be the best iPhone 12 battery replacement price in India:

Service ProviderPrice (incl taxes)WarrantyTime to RepairDoorstep Pick & Drop
AppleClick here to Check Cost90 Days4 – 5 hoursNo
IRPClick here to Check Cost1 Year2 hoursYes

Now, that you have all the necessary details, you can decide on your iPhone 12 battery replacement. And if there’s any other doubt, you can always contact an IRP and enquire. But don’t neglect the bad battery health of your iPhone 12. A timely fix can ensure your iPhone 12’s working condition for long.

All About iPhone 15 Series: Features to Look for

iPhone 15 Pro max

It’s over! The year-long speculations about what will come out of Apple’s closet at the Apple Wonderlust Event 2023 have come to an end. On Tuesday 12th September 2023, Apple unveiled four brand-new iPhone models, the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and the iPhone 15 Pro Max. The news of the launch of the iPhone 15 series is not new anymore. Yet, the excitement around it will continue. But, what is it all about? What are those major upgrades in this latest iPhone series? What was Apple’s primary focus in this year’s event? Questions are many, but the answers are simpler than they seem. We will dive in to figure out all the iPhone 15 Pro Max specifications in detail. But before that, let’s get an overview of the Apple Wonderlust Event 2023.

This year, led by CEO Tim Cook, Apple took multiple steps to strengthen its eco-friendly endeavours and reduce carbon footprints. You will clearly see a reflection of these measures in the gadgets launched in this year’s event. For instance, Apple launched its first carbon-neutral product, the Apple Watch Series 9, at this event. The tech giants are planning to make all their products carbon-neutral by 2030. Not just that! They declared that they are phasing out leather for iPhone cases and using recycled aluminium in their products. Several of the features of the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max are inspired by this vision.

Source: Tom’s guide

The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max have a titanium design, ceramic shield front, and textured matt back glass. You can get these two models in black titanium, white titanium, blue titanium, and natural titanium. You can get an iPhone 15 Pro in 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB, and 1TB variations. iPhone 15 Pro Max will come in 256 GB, 512 GB, and 1TB capacity.

So after the basics, let’s get into more technical details.

Specifications of iPhone 15 series models:

Below you will find a curated list of all the features of the latest iPhone series. You can get a complete idea from that. But before going there, let’s have a quick chat about all the exciting updates.

Titanium body – Apple replaced aluminium with titanium to build the bodies of iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. But why? Simple, it’s lighter, stronger, and durable. Also, it is much easier to anodise, which is a popular method to add colours to metals.

An enhanced performance – Undoubtedly, the greatest upgrade is the A17 Pro chip in the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max. This upgrade was much speculated, and it will significantly improve the gadget’s performance.

Source: Guiding Tech

Improved operations – Apple introduced iOS 17 with the launch of these latest iPhones. You can enjoy some cool features in it, like the swag to customise what people see when you call, or the convenience to get all your iMessage apps in one place.

Source: Apple

A button for easy actions – The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max will offer you a better user experience with the addition of an action button. You can customise the use of this action button in Settings, and use it for silent mode, camera, flashlight or any shortcut of your choice.

Source: The Verge

A new type of connection – Thanks to all the hype in social media, the introduction of a type-C charging port is nothing new. This was a much looked-for upgrade and thank Apple for finally doing it. But why type-c? Simple, it will enable the use of a single cable to charge all your devices. Also, it ensures faster charging by using less amount of power. Indeed, an eco-friendly measure.

Display that plays along – The feature of Dynamic Island in all four models is bliss for many. The Dynamic Island is wider than before and comes with added features.

So, these were the key iPhone 15 Pro specifications. Undoubtedly, this year’s launch event was not disappointing.

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What’s the price range of the iPhone 15 series?

On the price factor, there isn’t any big surprise, or rather shock, either. The starting price of the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max is not much higher than that of the iPhone 14 Pro. Below is a table comprising the price of each model in each variation.

iPhone 15 Pro₹1,34,900/-₹1,44,900/-₹1,64,900/-₹1,84,900/-
iPhone 15 Pro Max₹1,59,900/-₹1,79,900/-₹1,99,900/-

So, that’s all. Here you have got a complete idea about the iPhone 15 Pro Max launch. Now, it’s up to you to decide whether you can resist the temptation of buying the all-new iPhone. Till then, we can wait for the next Apple Wonderlust event.

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iPhone 14 Pro Max Screen Burn-in: What’s the scene?

iPhone 14 Pro Max screen burn-in issue

Last year around this time, Apple launched the iPhone 14 Pro Max. The gadget, like almost any other from the house of Apple, was an instant hit. Its crystal crystal-clear display with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, 2796×1290 pixel resolution and a pixel density of 460 ppi, instantly became the tech talk of the town. However, after the launch, as the Earth is about to complete another circle of revolution, the news of an issue regarding the display of the gadget is also circulating! The iPhone 14 Pro Max screen burn-in issue. Though it’s not very widespread yet, complaints are already visible on many Apple-related platforms.

But what’s the scene with the gadget’s screen? What is this burn-in?

Source: FoneArena.com

We will get to that. But before, let’s talk more about the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s screen. Post 2017, with the launch of the iPhone X, Apple started introducing OLED displays in almost all of its iPhones. Now, with individual pixel illuminating technology, OLED offers a better dynamic range. Apple has taken care of every aspect of the upgrade by creating a custom OLED display panel. But, there’s a catch!

OLED displays can retain a certain part of an image if it is shown on the screen for a longer time. This happens because of the way OLED displays are built, with each pixel playing its part individually. This is called screen burn-in.

Source: MacRumors Forum

If you look at the above image carefully, you will see the burn-in shadow of another screen.

But why is this happening?

What’s the reason behind the iPhone 14 Pro Max screen burn-in issue?

Most of the people who faced this issue confirmed that they have used the latest Always On display feature of the gadget. For those who are unaware, it is a feature that keeps the Lock Screen display on at all times. Even when the gadget is not in use, certain interfaces such as time, date, and widgets will always be visible, at a reduced refresh rate of 1 Hz. You can even keep your wallpaper, but that’s optional. Now, a large section of the victims are complaining that they can see a shadow of certain Lock Screen elements in their iPhone 14 Pro Max displays. It means the Lock Screen elements were burned into the display.

Source: iPhoneTricks.org

More importantly, these burn-ins were mostly visible in the Dynamic Island area. It is a part at the top of the screen near the front camera, which also houses other important hardware components, like the ear speaker, proximity sensor, and true depth camera. Now, there’s a specific reason behind the issue being more prevalent in this Dynamic Island. Often, multiple hardware components settled in this area get active at the same time while we use our iPhones. For instance, the proximity sensor gets active to make sure that your iPhone’s screen is off when you hold it against your cheek during a call. But there are times when you receive a notification while you are on a call. The notifications are usually displayed at this Dynamic Island area, hence activating the pixels assigned to display it. That’s why, this specific area of your iPhone 14 Pro Max’s display is more vulnerable to this issue.

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Now, there might be other reasons that can amplify the iPhone 14 Pro Max screen burn-in. Here, we are listing a few.

Screen Brightness – Keeping the brightness at maximum for a long time may cause screen burn-in. As at the maximum brightness, the pixels are used at their limits, they can leave behind a ghost from the past!

Exposure to heat – Sometimes, even accidentally, we leave our gadgets behind for a sun bath. Or in a hot car. Now, this long exposure to heat can cause a burn-in.

Static image – Prolonged display of static images can cause a burn-in. In fact, this is the most common cause. If a certain group of pixels appears on the screen daily, for long hours, they can become permanently brighter than other pixels.

So, how to fix the iPhone 14 Pro Max burn issue?

Worry not, my friend. Every mishap is a part of the happening. So here’s what to do if you ever face this issue.

  1. Take a backup of all your data.
  2. Restore your iPhone to factory settings.
  3. Let it restart.

Source: AT&T

There’s a chance that the burn-in issue will be fixed by this. But if the damage is more serious, you can visit your nearest Apple Store. Most of you may get a free screen replacement under your Apple Care+ warranty. Else, you can get help from any authorized service provider.

But, there are some steps that you can start taking as precautions. These might help you to avoid the issue.

  • Try not to use Always On Display with static images.
  • Don’t expose your iPhone to direct sunlight or heat.
  • Turn Auto-Brightness on to avoid using your iPhone in maximum brightness.
  • Use a dark theme or wallpaper to reduce the risk of burn-in.

Though this issue of the iPhone 14 Pro Max screen burn-in is still rare, it is important to be aware of it and take the necessary precautions.

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Apple iPad Mini 7: What can you expect from Apple’s next?

Rumours are in the air that Apple is soon going to launch its latest gadget from the iPad mini series. It’s been more than two and a half years since the 6th generation of iPad mini was released. 2022, the 10th year of the launch of the first iPad mini went very unceremoniously without any new release. Will we get to see the Apple iPad Mini 7 in 2023? Or it will be released in 2024? While nothing has been announced officially yet, the guessing game is on! And when it comes to an upcoming Apple gadget, the guesses are never wild. It comes from observations, information, and most importantly expectations.

Source: CNN

Apple iPad Mini 7: The Rumoured Release Date

Now, unlike the iPad Pro models, Apple doesn’t upgrade their iPad mini models every year. If you see the release dates of the iPad Mini 5 and the iPad Mini 6, there’s a gap of a good two and a half years. So, will the history repeat itself? As much as we are expecting, will we get an upgrade this year? The launch of the iPhone 15th generation and Apple Watch Series 9 is already lined up for this year. But what about the iPad mini? No such announcements are made, even in Apple WWDC.

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Apple iPad Mini 7: Features to Look for

Tech enthusiasts are always eager to know what’s new in the latest Apple gadget. While sometimes, the tech giant surprises its fans with a drastic tech upgrade from one model to the next, disappointments are also not uncommon. While nothing is official yet about this next-gen iPad mini, let’s weigh the speculations floating around.

Source: TechGig

Upgraded Processor: As reported by Ming-Chi Kuo, the processor will be the key highlight of this upcoming gadget. In the iPad Mini 6, an A15 chip has been used. It is a down-clocked version of the same chip used in the iPhone 13 series. Now, there’s a possibility that Apple will either use an A16 chip, similar to the iPhone 14 series, or an advanced A17 chip, which will be introduced in the upcoming iPhone 15 series. Based on our research, the tech giant will go with the A16 chip, if the gadget is not released with the iPhone 15 series.

Improved Storage: One of the biggest disappointments with the iPad Mini 6 was its storage capacity. The storage in the entry-level model was 64GB. Then there was the 256GB model. No middle ground was created with a 128GB model. So it is hoped that this time, either Apple will release the entry-level model with 128GB storage and upgrade the highest storage capacity to 512GB, or it will release a 128GB variant with the 64GB one.

Screen Size & Display: Now, as a significant change was seen in the 6th generation iPad Mini, in comparison to the previous generation, it wouldn’t be wise to expect a bigger screen size in this upcoming model. So the screen size will be 8.3 inches, like the previous model. An interesting rumour that is circulating around is about the ProMotion display. It has a variable refresh rate of up to 120Hz. But for that, Apple will have to upgrade the LCD that was used in the previous model.

Source: MacRumors

Smart Connector: Unlike the bigger iPads, the Mini series lacks the Smart Connector, which allows the user to connect the iPad with a keyboard. If Apple is planning to introduce this feature in the Mini series, the launch of this latest version will be a perfect opportunity.

Source: MacRumors

Design & Colour: Because of the upgraded look of the last version, even the most optimistic Apple fan will not bet on a drastic change in the design of the upcoming iPad Mini. But keeping in mind the new colour options in the last few Apple releases, we can expect the 7th generation iPad Mini in a few more colours.

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Apple iPad Mini 7: How much will be the price?

Experts don’t think that there will be a significant price difference between iPad Mini 6 and 7. At least at the entry level. One reason behind this speculation is not much is being upgraded in this upcoming version. But if Apple decides to introduce any new distinct feature, it will surely affect the price. For now, it is being assumed that the entry-level price will be somewhere near the price of iPad Mini 6th generation, about ₹50,000/-.

So, this is all that’s floating around about the Apple iPad Mini 7. While only the decision-makers in Apple know about what’s true and what’s not, the guessing game is on, like with any other Apple gadget. Now, if you are planning to upgrade your iPad, it’s better to wait for at least the announcement of the release date, before making any decision.

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