iPhone 16 Pro: Leaks & Rumours to Look for

Apple continues to push the boundaries of innovation with its latest addition to the iconic iPhone lineup. After the grand success of the iPhone 15, Apple is about to come up with something even more exciting. The news has already spread in the tech world about the release of the latest version of the iPhone, and all Apple lovers across the globe are excitedly waiting to welcome the iPhone 16 Pro. However, some time is left for the grand event. But the rumours about the upcoming features are floating around. But what are the features and when it is going to get released? Let’s spark a light on the iPhone’s new model to highlight the rumours.

Release Date of iPhone 16 Pro: When it’s going to happen:

As we have seen every year Apple launches new models from its Pandora’s box of innovation as the foremost player in the tech world. This year Apple is about to show the spotlight on its upcoming showstopper iPhone 16 Pro around September 2024. iPhone 16 series is going to be the biggest smartphone launch event. A few months are left for things to go official. Though Apple has tightened its grip on the launch of its flagship device, rumours and speculations are going on.

Source: The Australian

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iPhone 16 Pro Features: As we expect:

Speculations about the features of the iPhone 16 Pro have gone viral just after getting the assurance of the launch. All the tech aficionados are thrilled as this year iPhone will come up with a profound impact on the digital landscape. Apple will seal the leaks and increase its powerful capabilities. Upgraded features are plugged in for a better experience for its users.

Source: Gadget 360

The device will come up with iOS v 18, Apple Bionic A18 Pro Chipset, (built on the latest N3E 3 nanometer node), hexa core processor, and 8 GB RAM.

The pictures and videos will be even brighter with the super retina XDR OLED display. Powerful batteries are installed with fast charging capacity. The action button will come up on the new iPhone models.

iPhone 16 Pro: Rumors that spread around

Let’s embark on the technical odyssey into the captivating world of the iPhone 16 Pro. Leakers believe that the device will dominate the world of technology. It is said that the upcoming smartphone will be measured at 6.3 inches, with the increase in size, the screen dimensions will also increase. The display technology may change to microlens. This upcoming device can use stagged battery technology which can be more efficient. It is said the newer models will get 120 HZ refresh rates. Users could experience the capture button, that could arrive with iPhone 16 Pro, it could be located below the par button. One more step towards innovation as it is expected to replace buttons with haptic motors. To capture the moments 48 megapixels camera with 5 x zoom could be placed vertically just like iPhone X and iPhone 12.

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iPhone 16 Pro Price: What to expect:

You can’t put a price on every valuable thing, but however, there is a certain cost for everything. The price of this iconic device is Rs. 82,990.

Source: CEOTech

Nothing is confirmed yet, as still a few months left for the final announcement. All the rumours regarding the features may vary according to the innovation, elegance, and functionality that’s woven into the fabric of every iPhone model.

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How to Optimize Battery Life on MacBook?

Optimize Battery Life on MacBook

The MacBook Battery is more than just a source of energy, it is the lifeline that fuels your productivity and creativity. However, with heavy usage, and wear and tear the performance of the powerhouse can start degrading. The device that matches your steps and helps you to stay ahead in every race also needs some care about its nutrition. Let’s embark on the journey regarding MacBook battery life, to understand the technology that powers these sleek devices, and to practical tips on maximizing its longevity.

Source: India Today

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How long do Macs last?

Like any other Apple device, a MacBook is powered by Apple Lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are more efficient, as they charge faster, weigh less, and last longer. Now, the battery life of a MacBook usually vary from 18 hours to 22 hours, depending on the model and the processor chip used in it.

Source: Apple Stack Exchange

How to improve battery life of MacBook?

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you to know how to improve battery life of MacBook:

Screen Brightness: Using full brightness on your MacBook screen can consume a lot of battery. Try to reduce the screen brightness, it can help your MacBook to perform well.

To reduce the brightness, go to system settings > display. Or you can even ask Siri to reduce the brightness.

Screen Savers: Using unnecessary screen savers may look good, but it can affect the Battery life as the screen remains active. Turn it off to reduce the Battery loss. Open system settings > lock screen settings > select never for the screen saver option.

Software Update: If you are using an older version of OS, it may affect the Battery performance. Update the software to the latest version available. Go to system preferences > software update.

Third-party Apps: Like an older version of OS, the older version of third-party apps can consume more battery. Go to the Mac App Store, and check for the update option.

Using Several Accessories: To optimise MacBook Battery Life, stop using multiple accessories with your MacBook. Eject the data cable, pendrive, SD card, and Bluetooth speakers to save battery drain.

Notifications: Keep an eye on the notification tab while installing any app, unnecessary notifications can pop up randomly and consume the Battery. To turn the notifications off, go to system settings > notifications.

Low Power Mode: Turning on the low power mode will help you to save your MacBook from frequent Battery drain. To enable low power mode, go to system settings > Battery > low power mode.

Charging habits: Avoid overcharging your MacBook beyond its limit. If you are performing a moderate task, remove the charger.

Close Apps that you aren’t using: In case you open a certain app just for a few minutes, and start using a different app without closing the previous one. It will drain the Battery fast, and close those apps.

Unnecessary Accounts: Using too many accounts such as Google, iCloud, and Yahoo to your mail, and contacts can lead to Battery drain. Remove the unnecessary accounts. Navigate to system settings > internet accounts > delete.

Clean your MacBook: Unnecessary and unwanted files can prevent your MacBook from running smoothly. Delete such files to free up the space.

Reset SMC: The system management controller is enabled to control many important settings, including the Battery percentage. Reset the SMC on your MacBook. Remove the charger from your MacBook > press and hold the control + shift + option keys, and the power button for 10 seconds > release the keys > connect the charger > press the power button to boot your MacBook.

Source: OSX Daily

In case you are not confident enough to save your dying Battery, then it is better to get professional help. Skilled technicians can assist you to optimize MacBook battery health, and help you to get your MacBook running at top speed.

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MacBook Pro or MacBook Air: Which one to choose?


Apple laptops are the gem of technology. As one of the foremost players in the tech world, Apple has set new standards for performance and user-friendly innovation. With a variety of specifications and features, Apple amazes laptop buyers. But one of the concerns among the buyers is whether to choose MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. Though they both look similar, the specifications and features are different and vary according to the user’s needs. So here, we have listed the difference between MacBook Pro and Air. Let’s find out which one will work for you.

Source: Popular Mechanics

All the laptops MacBook Pro and Air are powered by Apple’s silicon chip. MacBook Pro and Air offer three generations of chips according to the model and specifications. To clear the doubts of the laptop buyers, let’s delve into the specifications of these two series of MacBooks and see the differences.

MacBook Pro vs Air: Display & Dimension

The display of the MacBook Pro is far better in comparison to the MacBook Air. Though both have a liquid retina display, Pro models offer a much higher resolution with XDR or Extreme Dynamic Range that employs smaller mini-LEDs for a brighter image.

Source: Wccftech

MacBook Pro Display:

14.2-inch Liquid Retina XDR, 3024×1964, 600 nits (1600 nits for HDR)

16.2-inch Liquid Retina XDR, 3456×2234, 600 nits (1600 nits for HDR)

MacBook Air Display:

13.6-inch Liquid Retina, 2560×1664, 500 nits.

15.3-inch Liquid Retina, 2880×1864, 500 nits.

As per the dimensions, MacBook Pro models are slightly bigger than the Air models.

MacBook Pro Dimension:

12.31×8.71×0.61 inches (14 inch)

14.01×9.77×0.66 inches (16 inch)

MacBook Air Dimension:

11.97×8.46×0.44 inches (13 inch)

13.4×9.35×0.45 inches (15 inch)

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MacBook Pro vs Air: Processor, Memory, Storage & Graphics

The major difference between MacBook Pro and Air is in their processors. While the MacBook Air is available only with an Apple M2 8-core processor, the MacBook Pro is built with Apple M3, M3 Pro & Max chips. 

Source: MacRumors

MacBook Pro Processor:

Apple M3: 8-core CPU

Apple M3 Pro: 11-core CPU

Apple M3 Pro: 12-core CPU

Apple M3 Max: 14-core CPU

Apple M3 Max: 16-core CPU

Source: Digital Trends

MacBook Air Processor:

Apple M2: 8-core CPU

MacBook Pro is available in 8GB, 16GB, 18GB, 24GB, 36GB, 48GB, 64GB and 96GB variants while MacBook Air comes with 8GB, 16GB, and 24GB memory. As per the storage & graphics, the MacBook Air comes with 256GB, 512GB, 1TB & 2TB with 8-core and 10-core GPU. You can get a MacBook Pro with 512GB, 1TB, 2TB, 4TB or 8TB storage and 10-core, 14-core, 18-core, 30-core, and 40-core GPU.

MacBook Pro vs Air: Connectivity, Battery, Webcam, Ports

Both MacBook Pro and Air supports Wi-Fi 6E (802.11a/b/g/n/ac compatible) and Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity. The battery of the MacBook Pro can run up to 22 hours while MacBook Air comes with an 18-hour battery backup. Both these MacBook models come with a 1080p FaceTime HD web camera.

MacBook Pro Ports:

Three Thunderbolt 4 ports (40gbps, power delivery, upto to 4 external displays)

SDXC card slot

HDMI port

MagSafe 3 port

Headphone jack

MacBook Air Ports:

Two Thunderbolt/USB 4 ports (40gbps, power delivery, one external display)

MagSafe 3 port

Headphone jack

MacBook Pro vs Air: Weight, colours, price

When it comes to the weight, as the name suggests, the MacBook Air is slightly lighter than the MacBook Pro. MacBook Pro comes in Silver, Space Black, and Space Gray colours while the MacBook Air is available in Silver, Starlight, Space Gray, and Midnight colour options. As of now, the starting price of the MacBook Pro is Rs 1,59,900/- whereas the price of the MacBook Air starts from Rs 92,900/-.

Source: MacRumor

A touch ID sensor in the keyboard is installed in both models. All the models have six high-fidelity speakers apart from the 13-inch MacBook Air, which only has four speakers.

MacBook Pro can feature the ProMotion, and the refresh rate can be around 120Hz. While in MacBook Air the refresh rate is 60Hz.

Choose the MacBook model according to your needs. Get the best laptop that will be your companion. Both MacBook Pro and Air will fulfil your needs. If you need to go for more power than the Air, then you can go for M3 MacBook Pro. Now that you are well informed, it will be much easier for you to compare MacBook Pro and Air and make the best buying choice.

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WhatsApp New Features for iPhone Users: Things to Explore

WhatsApp new updates for ios

In an era where distances are measured in seconds, WhatsApp stands as a digital bridge, bringing people together with the touch of a button. This Meta-owned app continues to foster connections, transcend borders, and redefine the way we communicate. Along with various updates, the global communication giant has refined its features over the years, and it has made the app an indispensable part of the users’ daily lives. WhatsApp has recently rolled out a new update for iOS users including several features to improve the experience of its users. Let’s explore the features of this ubiquitous messaging app. Here you will find all WhatsApp new updates that will help you to get the best of this wonderful app.

WhatsApp for iPhone new update: details:

A messaging platform that has seamlessly constructed itself into the frame of our interconnected world. For the betterment of the users, the updates play a crucial role. The user-friendly app with its various features has merged hands with Apple and started offering iPhone users a comprehensive experience.

Source: T3

WhatsApp 24.2.1 for iOS was released on the App Store. The latest update on its iOS beta app has enhanced the security, and fixed several bugs, which includes the safe search for status updates, and also the quality of voice, video, and group calls has improved.

It would also help the users to select multiple photos and videos and paste them into WhatsApp, followed by other features.

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WhatsApp for iPhone new features: guidelines:

Source: Mint

The brand new update has brought WhatsApp new features for all iPhone users. WhatsApp has launched the much-awaited features, silence unknown callers, chat transfer and much more. Let’s find out about all of them.

  • To ignore the scam call the new feature will help to mute the callers. To activate the feature on WhatsApp go to settings > privacy > calls, and turn on the option to silence unknown callers.
  • All the iOS users can transfer the chat history, from an old device to a new device.
  • With the new update, users can get rid of iCloud or local backup to transfer the chat history.
  • New layouts were introduced on the sticker palate, the users can also find the stickers even by typing. Users can create their avatar stickers by tapping on the + button on the sticker palate.
  • Landscape mode during video calls has been introduced, it will help the people to get a better experience while calling multiple people at once.
  • Group calls can happen for up to 31 iOS users.
  • Old messages can be pinned in groups for all current members, unlike before, when a new member was unable to see old messages.
  • The connection health can be checked during a video call by long pressing on the tile.
  • There’s a “view once” option for voice messages, which will automatically delete the voice note after hearing it once.

All these exciting features for iPhone users are available with the latest WhatsApp update for iOS 15 or later. To update WhatsApp on iPhone, go to WhatsApp > tap on updates > install the upgraded version of WhatsApp for a better experience.

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iPadOS 18: Release Date & Everything you Need to Know

iPadOS 18

Finally, a Pandora box is going to open for all iPad users across the globe. This time Apple is going to release some significant updates about the iPad. The tech giant is about to announce the arrival of its showstopper iPadOS 18. Now, the release of a new iPadOS is a regular event. But why is the world so excited about iPadOS 18? What’s so special about it? What can we expect and when can we expect it? Stay tuned. Because here you will get all you need to know.

iPadOS 18 Release Date: When to expect

Apple is about to announce iPadOS 18 at the Worldwide Developers Conference, which mostly happens in June. However, the exact date or event of the iPadOS release is not yet confirmed officially. But seeing its records, it can be predicted that Apple will use the platform of WWDC to introduce this major software update to the world.

Source: Kin + Carta

iPadOS 18 Features: What to expect

As the release date is far away, it is tough to figure out the exact updates and changes, though words are in the air. There are rumours in the tech world that the new M3 iPads, iPad Pro and iPad Air will come up with new external screens. So, this new iPadOS will be built in a way to suit them. Apple is about to focus strongly on AI improvements in its OS 18.

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It can be expected that users can experience a few changes in the updated version of the iPad software. Apple is about to match the steps with the ChatGPT bot with OpenAI. For many apps and features it is expected to see AI and machine learning updates. Users are also expected to experience the upgraded version of Siri. It is said to feel more human-like. The interaction with Siri can be much more smooth. It is believed to have more interactive widgets and more tablet-based widgets than its previous generations.

Source: TapSmart

Through the new iPad software, the device can give a more Mac-like feel to the users. While typing messages it may auto-complete the sentence due to new suggestion capabilities. Apple will use RCS or Rich Communication System tech for a better texting experience with Android users. The biggest surprise that is waiting for the users is that through RCS, you can even send SMS over a WiFi network, without using cellular data.

Source: Apple

So this is all we know now about the iPadOS features. With all these exciting introductions, one thing can be said for sure your iPad experience is going to enhance rapidly once this update is out.

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5 Ways to Clear Up Storage in Your iPhone

Clean Up iPhone Storage: Cache, Documents & Data

Apple iPhone gives all its users a superpower—the power to capture every special moment in its camera with crystal clear clarity. But, with every click, a significant amount of storage space is occupied. And soon, before a user realises, the storage space gets full. Not just photos, but every app, text message, video, system data and game occupies the storage space. With a notification indicating that there’s not much space left in your iPhone, the question comes to how to clear storage on iPhone. Because the decision of which photo or which app to delete is not always easy. And even if you delete them once, it will not take much time before the storage space gets full again. So, is there any permanent solution?

Source: Geekflare

Source: CNET

There is if you follow the right method. Think of it this way, your iPhone’s storage space is like a closet with limited space. You keep only those things that are absolutely necessary to keep. Rest you take out of it and either you throw them away or keep them in a store room. Sounds easy? Well, it can be easy, if you follow the right methods. But before that, you have to figure out what is taking up space in your iPhone.

Why is the iPhone storage full – how do you find out?

Before cleaning up the storage space in your iPhone, first, you have to know what are those things that are taking up most of the space. To do that, go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage.

Source: Apple Support

The colour-coded bar at the top will show how much space is left in your iPhone, how much space is occupied, and what is taking up most of the space. Below it, there will be a list of the apps based on the space they are taking up. Clicking on them you will figure out how much space the app itself is taking up and how much space is getting consumed by its data and documents. Now once you know about it, it will be much easier to manage your iPhone’s storage space.

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How to clear storage on iPhone

Now let’s get into how to clear iPhone storage step by step. Proper management of iPhone storage involves clearing all unnecessary data and keeping everything, be it photos or apps, that is necessary. Here you will get guidance on how to figure that out.

Photos & Videos

High-resolution photos & videos take up a lot of space. But there’s an option to save them on a lower resolution which will occupy less space. To do that, go to Settings, scroll down to Photos, and make sure the blue tick beside Optimize iPhone Storage. On doing this your iPhone will save lower-resolution photos on your device and the high-resolution files will be saved in iCloud. Alternatively, you can create the habit of saving all your photos in a third-party storage service like Google Photos.

Uninstall and Off-load Apps

Often we install apps, use them for some days, and then forget about them. These apps take up a lot of space. So a timely uninstallation of unused apps is always recommended for proper iPhone storage management. There’s also an option to Offload apps, where you can delete an app, like Netflix, yet keep all its data saved, so that you can pick up from where you left off if you install the app again. Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage. You will see the apps sorted on the basis of the space they are occupying and the last time you used them. Click on an app and you will get the option to either Offload it or Delete it. You can even automatically Offload unused apps by going to Settings > App Store and then enabling the Offload Unused App option.

Source: Apple Support

Clear web browser cache

Clearing your web browser cache from time to time always provides some extra storage space. Though it logs you out from all the websites you are signed in to. So make sure to copy your login ID and password for all websites that you use. To clear the web browser cache, go to Settings, click on Safari, and then tap on Clear History and Website Data.

Delete music and movies saved offline

If you have the habit of saving music and movies from streaming apps, then you should know that it unnecessarily takes up a lot of space in your iPhone. To delete them, go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage and then click on an app from where you have saved content offline. You will get information about the data size of the saved content and the option to delete it.

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Delete old text messages

Text messages take up a lot of storage space. So it is a healthy habit to delete old messages for more space on your iPhone. It can be done automatically. For that click on Settings > Messages > Message History > Keep Messages. There, you can select the option to automatically delete messages after 30 days or 1 year. But don’t click on Forever if you want more space in your iPhone.

Source: Guiding Tech

All these methods can help you clean iPhone storage. If you make these a habit, your iPhone will always have space.

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Why The New Apple Watches Are Banned: Things to know

The last month of 2023 unfolded like a high-end courtroom drama for Apple. There was a time in between when the tech giant was restricted from selling two of its most advanced Apple Watch models in their home turf USA. A case related to copyright infringement is still going on, and though the ban is lifted for now, it’s not sunny and bright yet for Apple. But what’s at the core of this courtroom drama? Why even did it start? And what’s the future of these two Apple Watch models in the USA and the rest of the world? Let’s find out all that is there to know about the Apple Watch ban.

Source: Apple Toolbox

Apple Watch Ban – The Blood Oxygen App

Source: Apple

Apple introduced this feature of measuring blood oxygen levels in all of its flagship Apple Watch models in 2020. Blood oxygen level is the percentage of oxygen that red blood cells carry from the lungs to the rest of the body. Through the Blood Oxygen app, any Apple Watch user can know about their blood oxygen level within 15 seconds. Though Apple never claimed that the reading is intended to be used for medical purposes, it is an important feature for anyone who wants to keep track of their health and fitness.

Apple Watch Ban – The Law Suit

Now, there’s a health tech company based in California, Masimo, who has also developed and patented a similar technology to monitor blood oxygen levels through a smartwatch. They filed a lawsuit against Apple in 2021 accusing them of a copyright infringement. Further, Apple filed two more lawsuits against Masimo accusing them of infringing patents with its smartwatches.

Source: Wccftech

On October 26 the US International Trade Commission imposed a ban on the sale of Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 in the USA. Though Apple was forbidden to sell these models through their stores and websites, these Apple watches were available in the US market through third-party sellers. However, a ban was imposed on restocking these models until the lawsuit concluded.

Apple Watch Ban – Apple’s reaction

The drama reached its height when Apple appealed to the Biden administration to reverse the ITC decision and they declined to do it. Immediately, Apple filed an emergency request to the US Court of Appeal for the Federal Circuit to halt the ban. The Court of Appeal accepted this request and ordered to put a temporary hold on the Apple Watch ban until it gets a ruling on whether its suggested alteration to the watches will resolve the patent infringement issues. A decision by the US Customs and Border Protection on these proposed changes in the Apple Watches is expected on 12th January. That will set the future course of action for the tech giant.

Source: Investing.com

So, that’s all the drama related to the Apple Watch ban. Though for now this ban was only imposed within the US territory. But in future, if further complications arise for the tech giant, its effect might reach India and other markets for Apple Watches as well. Also, a change in technology, especially in the blood oxygen saturation sensor and other health features is expected in the near future. So, it’s better to wait until then before buying a new Apple Watch Series 9 or an Apple Watch Ultra 2. In the meantime, you can simply get your old Apple Watch repaired. After all, just like their maker, even they deserve a second chance.

Got issues with your Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, MacBook or any Apple device? Is a trustworthy repair centre not in sight? Don’t worry, the experts can help you get a free pickup and drop service and provide a bright iphone repair solution for all your Apple woes. Call today for Apple MacBook Pro battery replacement, screen replacement, and other top repair services.

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