iPadOS 18: Release Date & Everything you Need to Know

iPadOS 18

Finally, a Pandora box is going to open for all iPad users across the globe. This time Apple is going to release some significant updates about the iPad. The tech giant is about to announce the arrival of its showstopper iPadOS 18. Now, the release of a new iPadOS is a regular event. But why is the world so excited about iPadOS 18? What’s so special about it? What can we expect and when can we expect it? Stay tuned. Because here you will get all you need to know.

iPadOS 18 Release Date: When to expect

Apple is about to announce iPadOS 18 at the Worldwide Developers Conference, which mostly happens in June. However, the exact date or event of the iPadOS release is not yet confirmed officially. But seeing its records, it can be predicted that Apple will use the platform of WWDC to introduce this major software update to the world.

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iPadOS 18 Features: What to expect

As the release date is far away, it is tough to figure out the exact updates and changes, though words are in the air. There are rumours in the tech world that the new M3 iPads, iPad Pro and iPad Air will come up with new external screens. So, this new iPadOS will be built in a way to suit them. Apple is about to focus strongly on AI improvements in its OS 18.

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It can be expected that users can experience a few changes in the updated version of the iPad software. Apple is about to match the steps with the ChatGPT bot with OpenAI. For many apps and features it is expected to see AI and machine learning updates. Users are also expected to experience the upgraded version of Siri. It is said to feel more human-like. The interaction with Siri can be much more smooth. It is believed to have more interactive widgets and more tablet-based widgets than its previous generations.

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Through the new iPad software, the device can give a more Mac-like feel to the users. While typing messages it may auto-complete the sentence due to new suggestion capabilities. Apple will use RCS or Rich Communication System tech for a better texting experience with Android users. The biggest surprise that is waiting for the users is that through RCS, you can even send SMS over a WiFi network, without using cellular data.

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So this is all we know now about the iPadOS features. With all these exciting introductions, one thing can be said for sure your iPad experience is going to enhance rapidly once this update is out.

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