WhatsApp New Features for iPhone Users: Things to Explore

WhatsApp new updates for ios

In an era where distances are measured in seconds, WhatsApp stands as a digital bridge, bringing people together with the touch of a button. This Meta-owned app continues to foster connections, transcend borders, and redefine the way we communicate. Along with various updates, the global communication giant has refined its features over the years, and it has made the app an indispensable part of the users’ daily lives. WhatsApp has recently rolled out a new update for iOS users including several features to improve the experience of its users. Let’s explore the features of this ubiquitous messaging app. Here you will find all WhatsApp new updates that will help you to get the best of this wonderful app.

WhatsApp for iPhone new update: details:

A messaging platform that has seamlessly constructed itself into the frame of our interconnected world. For the betterment of the users, the updates play a crucial role. The user-friendly app with its various features has merged hands with Apple and started offering iPhone users a comprehensive experience.

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WhatsApp 24.2.1 for iOS was released on the App Store. The latest update on its iOS beta app has enhanced the security, and fixed several bugs, which includes the safe search for status updates, and also the quality of voice, video, and group calls has improved.

It would also help the users to select multiple photos and videos and paste them into WhatsApp, followed by other features.

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WhatsApp for iPhone new features: guidelines:

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The brand new update has brought WhatsApp new features for all iPhone users. WhatsApp has launched the much-awaited features, silence unknown callers, chat transfer and much more. Let’s find out about all of them.

  • To ignore the scam call the new feature will help to mute the callers. To activate the feature on WhatsApp go to settings > privacy > calls, and turn on the option to silence unknown callers.
  • All the iOS users can transfer the chat history, from an old device to a new device.
  • With the new update, users can get rid of iCloud or local backup to transfer the chat history.
  • New layouts were introduced on the sticker palate, the users can also find the stickers even by typing. Users can create their avatar stickers by tapping on the + button on the sticker palate.
  • Landscape mode during video calls has been introduced, it will help the people to get a better experience while calling multiple people at once.
  • Group calls can happen for up to 31 iOS users.
  • Old messages can be pinned in groups for all current members, unlike before, when a new member was unable to see old messages.
  • The connection health can be checked during a video call by long pressing on the tile.
  • There’s a “view once” option for voice messages, which will automatically delete the voice note after hearing it once.

All these exciting features for iPhone users are available with the latest WhatsApp update for iOS 15 or later. To update WhatsApp on iPhone, go to WhatsApp > tap on updates > install the upgraded version of WhatsApp for a better experience.

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