Best note taking apps for iPad in 2024

An iPad, with multiple uses that make human lives more convenient, has turned out to be one of the most revered gadgets of the 21st century. It is a perfect fusion of a smartphone and a laptop, that makes the user experience the best of both worlds. This wonderful gadget has proved its worth on every turf from drawing rooms to classrooms to board meeting rooms. One of the most practical reasons it is used is to take notes. No matter if you are a student or a professional, if you own an iPad, it will replace pens and paper for the essential purpose of taking down notes. Not just because it looks cool to note down minutes of the meeting on an iPad, but it is actually very convenient to take notes on an iPad, only if you know which app to use. So here you will find a list of the best note taking apps for iPad from which you can find out which one will suit you the best.

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But before going to the list, let’s quickly discuss what it takes to be the best iPad note taking app.

How to select the best note taking app for iPad?

Below, you will find a list of criteria that a note-taking app must match in 2024, to provide you a much more convenient user experience.

  • Any good note-taking app for iPad must support Apple Pencil effectively.
  • The app must support full keyboard functionality for those who prefer typing.
  • There must be a facility in the app to store your notes in an organized manner.
  • The app must have the feature to export the notes in multiple formats, such as PDF or Word.
  • The app must support other media, like photos and audio recordings to help you take notes.
  • The app must sync with other devices so that you can edit it from your iPhone or MacBook seamlessly.

So, if a note-taking app matches these criteria, you can say it is more or less a good app for your iPad. But that’s not all! There are many other factors involved that you must look at before you install an iPad note taking app.

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Best note taking apps for iPad in 2024

Here’s a list of a few of the finest note taking apps for your iPad. You can go through the details and select the one that will work best for you.

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Apple Notes

Apple Notes is one of the OG notes-taking apps, launched in 2007. Being a flagship app from the makers of iPad, it has many cool features and advantages to look for. First of all, it syncs across all Apple devices. So that you can access it from any device of your choice. You can create tables and interactive checklists. It supports typed and handwritten texts on the same page. With its Quick Notes feature, you can even note down a thought or save content from the web without opening the app. The Quick Notes will be organized automatically in a dedicated folder so that you can find it later. Apple Notes is free.


If you value aesthetics more than anything, this is a note-taking app made for you! GoodNotes is designed to give a real paper-like feel with its textured paper templates. Above that, you can choose the ink colour and pen style, use PNG images as stickers, and highlight. But the best part is, that you can even record audio while taking notes. When you replay the audio, the text that you wrote during the time of recording is highlighted in sync. You can export your files in PDF. The app is free for up to three notebooks and after that can cost around Rs 999/year.


This app is made to make the lives of creative people easy. It comes with a lot of built-in project plan templates, stock photos, and other tools. You can use this app to collaborate with your team, with the option for multiple people to work on the same board. Any changes made are instantly visible to other members. Just like Google Docs, you can leave comments anywhere and tag a user or reply to their comment. It is free for up to 10 files, and after that, offers various subscription plans.

Notes Writer Pro

This is a note-taking app that uses AI to enhance your user experience. While you can type or handwrite your notes, and organize and export them effectively on this app, you can also take benefit of its in-built ChatGPT-like AI tool to summarize the content or rewrite it. You can export the files as PDF, Text, or Word. It costs around Rs 499 with an additional monthly AI subscription for Rs 199.

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Now if you are the one who prefers keeping things simple, this is the note-taking app for you. Simplenote is a feature light note-taking app that is more text-based. You will not find fancy editing options or extra media file support here. But it is truly effective in saving, formatting and sharing text notes. The app is free for iPad users. You can download it easily from the App Store.

Source: Goodnotes

So these are a few of the best note taking apps for iPad in 2024. Now it’s up to you to install and use the one that will suit your needs and help you to increase your productivity. The apps listed above were selected based on reviews and user experiences. Though there are tons of other options, most of them are more or less the same.

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MacBook keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi What to do?

MacBook keep disconnecting Wi-Fi

Source: 9to5 Mac

A stable internet connection is crucial to staying ahead in the digital race. Whether you are binge-watching your favourite series or talking to your beloved person, a network issue can be frustrating. If you are grappling with the issue, where your MacBook keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi, it can disrupt your workflow and cause undue stress. Fear not, as we delve into the common causes and effective solutions to resolve the problem.

Common causes for Wi-Fi disconnection on MacBook?

Let’s figure out why your MacBook keeps losing its WiFi connection. Several factors could affect the functionality, such as:

Outdated system software: If the MacOS is outdated, it can prevent the WiFi from connecting with the MacBook.

Hardware Issues: Faulty WiFi hardware components or a damaged antenna could be the culprit behind your MacBook’s connectivity woes. A router that overheats also fails to provide a proper connection.

Wrong connection: Sometimes, your MacBook can try to connect with a weak or inactive WiFi network instead of a new network.

External threats: A plugged-in USB device or a connected Bluetooth device can at times interrupt a WiFi signal.

Multiple device connection: A problem can occur in connecting to the WiFi if too many devices are connected to the router at the same time.

Source: Pexels

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Step-by-step troubleshooting guide?

As we have identified the possible reasons why your MacBook keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi, let’s explore practical solutions to resolve the problem. Here are step-by-step troubleshooting tips to try when your MacBook keeps disconnecting from WiFi.

Disconnect all USB peripherals & Bluetooth devices: Unplug all USB devices from your MacBook and disable Bluetooth. Then try connecting to the WiFi.

Restart Your MacBook and Router: Sometimes, a simple restart can work wonders by resetting network configurations and clearing temporary glitches. Restart both, your Mac as well as your router. Follow the router manual for guidance about restarting it.

Forget and Reconnect to WiFi Network: This is a simple yet effective troubleshooting tip that can fix the issue. Click on the Apple logo, navigate to System Preferences > Network > WiFi, select your network, and click “Advanced.” Then, choose the network and click “Remove.” Reconnect by selecting the network and entering the password.

Alternative channel: Try changing your WiFi network’s channel in your router’s settings to avoid congestion from nearby networks. Follow the user manual for help.

Update macOS: Ensure your MacBook is running the latest version of macOS, as Apple frequently releases updates that address performance and connectivity issues. To do that,

  • Click on the Apple icon at the corner of the screen.
  • Choose System Settings.
  • Click on General in the sidebar that opens.
  • Select Software Update.
  • If you see Updates Available, click on Update Now.

Source: Apple Support

Enable auto-connect: Your MacBook saves the previously connected networks. At times it may try to reconnect with one of them. This can be avoided by choosing your preferred network. To do that,

  • Click on the Apple logo.
  • Go to System Preferrences and the to Network.
  • Tap on Wi-Fi and select Advanced.
  • Prioritize  your preferred WiFi network under Preferred Networks.

More than often these troubleshooting tips help MacBooks to connect to the WiFi. But if the problem persists, you can this more sophisticated method to help your MacBook connect back to the WiFi.

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Advanced solutions?

There’s an in-built network analysis tool in MacOS to detect and solve any wireless connection related problem. It’s called Mac Wireless Diagnostic. To open it, hold the Option key and click on the WiFi icon on the screen. From the drop down menu, click on Open Wireless Diagnostic. A dialogue window will open. To troubleshoot WiFi issues,

  • After reading the information in the dialogue window, click on Continue.
  • A diagnostic test will begin.
  • Once it is done, you will get a report alongwith the options to ‘Monitor my Wi-Fi connection’ and ‘Continue to summary’.
  • ‘Continue to summary’ if the issue is resolved.
  • If the issue persists, click on the first option to monitor the connection.
  • Once the monitoring is concluded, you will get a report.
  • Click on ‘Continue to summary’ to save the report.

This report is useful for professionals to investigate the issue and find a solution to fix it. It is stored as a compressed file in /var/tmp folder.

Tips to prevent future WiFi disconnections?

To avoid future WiFi hiccups, consider these tips:

  • Keep your MacBook and router updated with the latest software.
  • Place your router in a central location away from obstructions.
  • Invest in quality networking equipment.
  • Monitor network usage to identify any bandwidth-hogging applications.

When to seek professional help?

All these troubleshooting tips are tried and tested method to re-establish the connection between a Mac and Wi-Fi. If all these fail and the Mac Wireless Diagnostic report indicates a problem which is beyond the DIY spectrum, you must seek professional help. They can help you to further diagnosis the software problem, if any, to know why MacBook keeps disconnecting with the WiFi. They can also figure out if any damaged hardware is preventing the Mac to connect to the Wi-Fi. This can be the ultimate solution.

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IPad Screen Replacement Cost: Model Wise 2024

The cost of an iPad screen replacement starts from 3,500 rupees, depending on the model of your iPad and where you get the repair done. Generally, official Apple service providers tend to be more expensive than third-party repair shops. The actual prices may vary based on your screen damage, the specific model of your iPad, and any additional repair costs that may be incurred.

IPad Screen Replacement Cost Highlights

  • Price: It can be start from 3,000 rupees and go up to 30,000 rupees.
  • Cost Varies: The cost of replacing an iPad depends on the specific model, storage capacity, and whether it’s an iPad, Air, mini, or pro.
  • Repair vs. Replace: Without AppleCare, repairing or replacing a damaged iPad can be expensive. Consider the cost-effectiveness of repair versus replacement.
  • Accessories Included: The replacement cost also includes accessories like the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard.
  • Informed Decisions: Understand your options and make informed choices when it comes to iPad repair or replacement.

Cost for iPad Models Requiring Digitizer & Display Replacement:

If you own an iPad model where both the digitizer (touchscreen) and display to be replaced, the following section provides detailed costs for the necessary repairs.

iPad ModelDigitizer Replacement CostDisplay Replacement Cost
iPad 3 / iPad 4INR 3500INR 5500
iPad Air / iPad 5INR 3500INR 5500
iPad 6INR 4500INR 5500
iPad 7 / iPad 8INR 5500INR 5500
iPad 9INR 6500INR 5500
iPad Mini 2 / Mini 3INR 3500INR 5500

 Entire Display Panel Replacement Cost of iPad

For other models where the entire Display panel needs replacement, detailed costs are provided.

iPad ModelDisplay Replacement Cost
iPad Mini 4INR 10000
iPad Mini 5INR 11000
iPad Air 2INR 10000
iPad Air 3INR 11000
iPad Air 4INR 19000
iPad Air 5INR 20000
iPad Pro 9.7”INR 10000
iPad Pro 10.5”INR 11000
iPad Pro 11” (1st & 2nd Gen)INR 18000
iPad Pro 11” (3rd & 4th Gen)INR 20000
iPad Pro 12.9” (3rd & 4th Gen)INR 20000
iPad Pro 12.9” (5th & 6th Gen)INR 30000

Factors Affecting iPad Screen Replacement Cost.

Following factors affect your iPad Screen Replacement Cost.

Physical Damage (Cracked Screen):

  • If your iPad screen has a crack, some models allow for partial replacement of the digitizer (the screen component). This option is more cost-effective, typically around 50% of the total cost.
  • Check if your specific iPad model supports this partial replacement.

Pressure Damage:

  • Common Issue: Given the larger screen sizes (like the 10.2″ iPad), users sometimes press too hard, causing the Liquid Retina display (LCD) to leak colors or develop dead pixels.
  • Full LCD Replacement: In most cases, when pressure damage occurs, the entire LCD needs replacement. Costs may be higher.
  • Exception: Some models have a separate digitizer unit. If touch functionality still works despite pressure damage, you can opt for LCD replacement only, saving on digitizer costs.

Liquid Damage or Complete Display Damage:

  • iPad Pro Models and Latest Air Models: These devices operate with Face ID (no traditional home button). Consequently, they have a full display panel.
  • Replacement Option: For liquid damage or extensive display damage, the only choice is to replace the entire display panel. This tends to be the most expensive repair option.

Warranty on a replacement of iPad Screen:

It depends on the part quality and service provider. If you are going with cheap aftermarket part from a local repair shop, then one shall not expect any warranty. Almost all other online service providers offer 90 Days limited warranty that does not cover Physical Damage, Water Damage and Pressure Damage. Some Independent Service Providers like RapidRepair in India provide legitimate Life Time Warranty on all iPad Screen Replacement Service. You need to be careful with other imposters providing similar term, hence a GST Invoice with proper HS Code gives you a peace of mind regards the legitimacy of the warranty terms offered on your iPad Screen Replacement service. 

How to get iPad screen replacement at Rapid Repair

It’s a 2-3 hours job for any iPad screen replacement service. Yes, the first step is Diagnosis and it does not take more than 30 minutes and then the post repair drying off period shall be another 1 hour. 

All of this is done the very same day. To help us achieve that, you just need to follow 3 simple steps:

Contact one of our tech experts at +918130609004 via call or Whatsapp and let them know your iPad model.

Post your first call, they will quickly get repair cost and time estimate along with scheduling the pickup of your iPad from any location in India.

Once you agree to the estimate, our Ops team will contact you to work out the schedule for your iPad repair session. You may choose different location and time slots for the pickup as per your convenience, once done it will be safely delivered back to you as new as it could be. 


Replacing iPad Screen Cost varies from model and iPad type explained above. We recommend that it should be diagnosed properly by professionals and then you can make an informed decision. For all your Apple device repair needs, trust the pros at Rapid Repair, India’s best ipad repair company. Call or WhatsApp at 8130609004 and connect with one of their tech experts.

iOS 17.4: Details That you Need to Know

The new iOS update is about to drop like a confetti at a surprise party, and it is about to make your phone experience more thrill than a rollercoaster ride. It is the same as if your iPhone just got a VIP pass to the coolest tech party in town, where the features are so fresh they might do cha-cha on your home screen. But what are the features, and when it’s going to be released? Rumors have aired all around, however, there are still a few days left for the update to drop in the market. To know about all the details regarding iOS 17.4, let’s buckle up to recount the tales of innovation, where your device armed with features can make your PC look basic.

                          Source: Macworld

Apple has given a big note regarding the 17.4 OS Update. Some biggest updates are available for the people in the European Union, and also a ton of features are available worldwide. Along with this release the users will also get Watch OS 10.4 Beta 5, Mac OS Sonoma 14.4 Beta 5, TV OS 17.4 Beta 5, Vision OS 1.1 Beta 4, iOS/iPad 16.7.6 RC & 15.8.2 RC. But here we will spark a light on iOS 17.4, the size will come in at 6.46 GB on an iPhone 15 series, and the new built number will be 21E217.

iOS 17.4: Release Date: It is believed that the Apple aficionados across the globe will be able to download the update on 6th March.

                       Source: Unfite

Apple is about to come up with some major change in the app ecosystem in the EU. According to the new rules stipulated by the EU Digital Markets Act, some massive changes are coming up for iPhone users based in the EU. To minimize the risks for the users, Apple is about to come up with the removal of home screen web apps which could happen with iOS 17.4. It is believed that EU users will be able to continue accessing websites directly from their Home Screen through a bookmark with minimal impact to their functionality.

The update will allow users to download and install the apps outside of the app store through alternate marketplaces.

Apple is about to give the EU users more choice over more apps they use as the defaults on their devices.

Alternative payment options will be available and Safari will no longer be the only default browser.

Third-party apps will be able to set the default. Users will be able to get a splash screen while opening safari, and it will help them to choose a new browser.

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                                Source: Gearice

Let’s explore the new iOS 17.4: Features that are coming to your device:

                      Source: Twitter

Podcast: While playing your favourite podcast, you will get a new feature that will help you to play the transcription of the podcast. Play the podcast, tap on the button, and it will show you the transcription of that podcast and highlight the words which are being said. The search button will allow you to search for any words, and the scrolling option will help you to scroll up and down to find anything you need.

                 Source: Gearice

Cash Card Virtual Number: Apple has added the Apple cash card virtual number, in case if the Apple Pay option is compromised the users can go to the wallet app, the virtual card number will help them to make a purchase.

                  Source: idropnews

CarPlay: With the upcoming update, Apple maps will present a new instrument cluster experience with upcoming maneuvers that can be swapped between the main display and the instrument cluster by tapping the map configuration button.

The update to CarPlay on iOS 17.4 will support the cars that are already on the road.

The dual screen CarPlay setup has the navigation system that appears with all the details.

  • It will notify you with the warning in case a door is open.
  • Display the air pressure of the tires.
  • Adjust the temperature inside the car.
  • Access the FM.
  • Whenever you turn off your car with a CarPlay connection you will get a good-bye message on the screen of the car.

              Source: pcmag

Emoji: More than 100 new emojis will be introduced with 17.4, including a phoenix, breaking chain, mushroom, like, emojis with a yes or no signals and many more.

                  Source: Lavanguardia

Stolen Device: Apple will update the stolen device protection feature with the new iOS 17.4 version. It will add an extra layer of security to ensure that your data will be safe and secure. Tap on the always option, it will help to delay while changing the security settings as the person has to wait for 1 hour. A FaceID is required for changing the settings.

                        Source: Macworld

iMessage: The users are about to get a major security update for iMessage in iOS 17.4, Apple is implementing a new pq3 security system which is a state of the art security technology. The new post quantum cryptographic protocol that Apple is going to use in iOS 17.4 and it can increase the security from level 1 to level 3, it can be even more protective for its user’s information.

                    Source: Techibee

Digital Clock: A new digital clock widget will be added on the home screen.

                   Source: idropnews

Battery Health Percentage: This new update will come only with the iPhone 15 series, the battery health percentage will not be there, the listing will only display normal unlike before when the users used to get a percentage right once they went into the battery section. You could tap on the option to get further details such as the percentage, maximum capacity percentage, cycle count, manufacture date, and first use.

                                    Source: inkl

Stopwatch: A live activity function for the stopwatch feature on the iPhone will be added. Turn it on from the clock app, it will show a dynamic island and display the lock screen.

                    Source: idownloadblog

Safari: While browsing any website, if that website has animation the new update will help you to play and pause the animation by tapping on the AA button, and selecting the play all animations option.

          Source: MacRumors

Messaging with Siri: This feature will help you to send messages to Siri, and it will be able to read the incoming messages in different languages such as French, German, Spanish, Chinese and more. To enable the option go to Siri, turn on the automatically send messages.

                     Source: idownloadblog

These are the rumors about the upcoming iOS 17.4, to know the exact details and to download the latest version of iOS, you have to wait for a few days. Your iPhone can be even more smart with the new iOS 17.4 version installed in it. However, it can’t protect your device from any malfunction. For any internal issues, connect to the nearest iphone repair provider recommended by Apple to get a bright solution for all the woes.

iOS 17.3 Updates & Features: What to know:

Welcome to the latest chapter in the ever-evolving world of iOS. Apple has once again rolled out an update with a series of features, promising to elevate your device experience to new heights. Each update brings a host of new enhancements and optimizations. Let’s dissect the key element of the latest iOS, unveiling the exciting iOS 17.3.1 update that is set to reshape the way you interact with your iPhone.

Source: Forum Bez Kabli

iOS 17.3.1: What’s there?

Let’s unravel the advancements that make this iteration a noteworthy milestone in Apple’s iOS journey. So as per the release note for iOS 17.3.1, the one major bug that it fixes is the overlapping or duplicating text messages. To quote the tech giant, “This update provides bug fixes for your iPhone including: Text may unexpectedly duplicate or overlap while typing.”

Source: Parade

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Now, this might not be all that we expected. But yet no one can deny that it is indeed one of the most important bugs to fix. Texting is a thing that we do daily, multiple times. Sending a duplicate text can range anywhere between confusing and annoying, depending on the sender and the receiver.

iOS 17.3.1: Who can update & how?

Now, let’s look at those iPhone users who can update to iOS 17.3.1. Anyone who is using an iPhone XS from 2019, or any later models can get this latest iOS. This also includes iPhone SE second and third-generation models users. For the iOS 17.3.1 download, you simply have to go to Settings> General> Software Update. Then click on Update Now. For an iPhone 15 Pro Max, the download size is 300 MB. Hence, it can be said it’s pretty lightweight.

Source: Anas

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No matter how satisfying your texting experience will be with iOS 17.3.1, for any sort of touchscreen malfunction, you would need the assistance of an expert repair provider to fix the issue. Get connected to the nearest repair provider recommended by Apple.

Got issues with your Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, MacBook or any Apple device? Is a trustworthy repair centre not in sight? Don’t worry, the experts can help you get a free pickup and drop service and provide a bright repair solution for all your Apple woes. Call today for Apple MacBook Pro battery replacement, screen replacement, and other top repair services.


Apple’s March 2024 Event: Things to know

Get ready for Apple March event 2024

Apple has decided to gather all the tech lovers across the globe to unravel the mysteries and marvels revealed at the upcoming Apple Event.

One of the most anticipated tech showcases of the year is going to happen, as Apple’s events have become synonymous with groundbreaking announcements, cutting-edge technology, and a glimpse into the future of tech giant’s product lineup. Whether you are an avid Apple follower or just curious about the latest updates in the world of gadgets, here is a comprehensive rundown on the highlights of the forthcoming tech festival regarding the Apple’s March 2024 Event. Buckle up as we dive into the realm of Apple’s latest offerings and the future they promise to bring.

                         Source: Macworld

Apple’s Upcoming Event Rumors:

As the anticipation builds for the upcoming Apple event, whispers in the tech sphere suggest a myriad of possibilities. Hopefully in just a few weeks Apple’s first event of the year is about to happen. The rumors have aired that we are about to get the mega event in March. Apple recently released the first beta of its latest iOS, which is yet to be public in March, as they usually release their big spring updates after an event. Let’s shift through the grapevine, separating the facts from fiction, and speculate on what might be in store for Apple enthusiasts around the globe. From speculations about the latest iPad Air models to the predictions of potential MacBook Air models, the rumors mill is in full swing.

  Source: 9tO5Mac

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New iPad Air Models

After a long wait finally something big is about to come up as Apple’s March 2024 Event is about to happen soon. According to the reports it states that for the first time ever it will come in two sizes. The usual 10.9 inch and a larger 12.9 inch model. It is expected to come in with the new M2 chip in four different models, code name J507, J508, J537, and J538, available in both Wi-Fi and cellular versions. A camera bump design may also get featured. Hopefully this new move may provide the customers a wide range of options to choose the device at different prices.


New MacBook Air Models

Last year we got the 15 inch model, that’s why we didn’t get any new models with the M3 chip at the October event. Gossips about the new MacBook Air have ignited speculations at the digital landscape. It is expected that the new MacBook Air will have the same design as they have right now, but it can arrive with a M3 chipset, 13.6 inch and 15.3 inch liquid retina display, 8 to 24 GB RAM, and 256 GB to 2 TB SSD storage. 

         Source: MacRumors

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These are the hints and clues about the upcoming devices that have captured the attention of tech enthusiasts worldwide.

There is still some time to separate the wheat from the chaff, till then let’s keep on exploring the tantalizing rumors regarding Apple’s March 2024 Event. However, before keeping your sight on the new devices, make sure the old companion is safe and secure from any internal malfunctions. In case of any issues, get connected to the authorized repair provider recommended by Apple. Got issues with your Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, MacBook or any Apple device? Is a trustworthy repair centre not in sight? Don’t worry, the experts can help you get a free pickup and drop service and provide a bright repair solution for all your Apple woes. Call today for Apple MacBook Pro battery replacement, screen replacement, and other top repair services

iPadOS 18: Release Date & Everything you Need to Know

iPadOS 18

Finally, a Pandora box is going to open for all iPad users across the globe. This time Apple is going to release some significant updates about the iPad. The tech giant is about to announce the arrival of its showstopper iPadOS 18. Now, the release of a new iPadOS is a regular event. But why is the world so excited about iPadOS 18? What’s so special about it? What can we expect and when can we expect it? Stay tuned. Because here you will get all you need to know.

iPadOS 18 Release Date: When to expect

Apple is about to announce iPadOS 18 at the Worldwide Developers Conference, which mostly happens in June. However, the exact date or event of the iPadOS release is not yet confirmed officially. But seeing its records, it can be predicted that Apple will use the platform of WWDC to introduce this major software update to the world.

Source: Kin + Carta

iPadOS 18 Features: What to expect

As the release date is far away, it is tough to figure out the exact updates and changes, though words are in the air. There are rumours in the tech world that the new M3 iPads, iPad Pro and iPad Air will come up with new external screens. So, this new iPadOS will be built in a way to suit them. Apple is about to focus strongly on AI improvements in its OS 18.

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It can be expected that users can experience a few changes in the updated version of the iPad software. Apple is about to match the steps with the ChatGPT bot with OpenAI. For many apps and features it is expected to see AI and machine learning updates. Users are also expected to experience the upgraded version of Siri. It is said to feel more human-like. The interaction with Siri can be much more smooth. It is believed to have more interactive widgets and more tablet-based widgets than its previous generations.

Source: TapSmart

Through the new iPad software, the device can give a more Mac-like feel to the users. While typing messages it may auto-complete the sentence due to new suggestion capabilities. Apple will use RCS or Rich Communication System tech for a better texting experience with Android users. The biggest surprise that is waiting for the users is that through RCS, you can even send SMS over a WiFi network, without using cellular data.

Source: Apple

So this is all we know now about the iPadOS features. With all these exciting introductions, one thing can be said for sure your iPad experience is going to enhance rapidly once this update is out.

Got issues with your Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, MacBook or any Apple device? Is a trustworthy repair centre not in sight? Don’t worry, the experts can help you get a free pickup and drop service and provide a bright iPad repair solution for all your Apple woes. Call today for Apple MacBook Pro battery replacement, screen replacement, and other top repair services.

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Is iPad Screen Not Rotating? Try these methods to fix it

iPad, being such a wonderful gadget, has become a part of its users’ lives. It’s portable, can accomplish a lot of tasks, and is a saviour in many cases. But often, issues that might seem very minor to many can deeply affect its user experience. One such issue is the iPad screen not rotating. After all, who would prefer to watch a video shot in landscape mode in a portrait size? So it’s a genuine trouble when your iPad’s screen stops rotating. But in the world of tech, when there’s trouble, there’s troubleshooting. So without further delay let’s get into the details about what to do when the iPad screen is not rotating.

Source: Business Insider

How to rotate the iPad screen?

Let’s get into this step by step. Here you will get the easiest options first to make sure your screen rotates, followed by more complicated steps.

1.  Turn off the Rotation Lock Button – To do that, open the Control Centre by swiping down from the top right corner of the screen. Then tap on the Rotation Lock icon.

Source: Apple Support

2. Flip the iPad sideways – Open apps that work in landscape mode, like Message or Safari, and turn your iPad sideways to check if the screen is rotating.

Source: Apple Support

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3. Assign rotation lock to the Side Switch – If you are using an older model of iPad, you will find a Side Switch above the volume up and down buttons. That can be used to control the rotation of your iPad screen. For that,

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on General
  • Tap on Use Side Switch To
  • Select Rotation Lock

Now use the side switch to unlock rotation and turn your iPad sideways to check if it is working.

4. Reset all settings – If none of the above options work, you might have to reset your settings. Because a certain error in the settings can prevent iPad screen rotation. To do that,

  • Open Settings
  • Tap on General
  • Click on Transfer or Reset iPad
  • Select Reset All Settings
  • Enter the passcode when prompted

5. Factory reset – Consider this as the last option that you can try to make sure your iPad screen is rotating. Make sure to take a backup of all your data before Factory Resetting your iPad. Then, follow these steps

  • Open Settings
  • Select General
  • Click on Transfer or Reset iPad
  • Select Erase All Content & Settings
  • Click on Continue
  • Enter the passcode when prompted

Your iPad will device Factory Reset and you can get back your iPad screen rotation.

Hopefully, any one of these options will help to unlock screen rotation. But if the issue persists, it is better to get your iPad treated by some expert Apple gadget repair service provider.

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iPad Black Screen: What’s the fuss and what’s the fix?

For the past few years, your iPad has been your constant companion. Be it in your workplace, your drawing room, or on a flight, there were more than a thousand instances when it saved your day. But, The Times They Are A-changin’! The gadget that was once invincible, is now facing an issue. The screen is turning black without any apparent reason and it’s not responding any more, yet you can hear the notification sound. It happens, my friend! It’s a part of your gadget’s life. It’s called the iPad black screen of death. But don’t panic! No matter how serious the name sounds, the issue is usually a minor one. Here, let’s have a look at some of the major causes of the iPad’s black screen.

Source: Tweak Library

iPad screen of death: possible causes

Here are three possible causes that can result in this black screen on the iPad.

Age of the device: Every object has a prime timespan, even an iPad. This problem can occur at times if your iPad is an old one.

Source: Business Insider

Software issue: A corrupt app can sometimes cause this problem. Another software-related thing that might be at the root of this issue is an outdated iPadOS.

Hardware issue: Internal damage to the display can result in the iPad’s black screen. Suppose, if the screen flex cable is damaged or disconnected, the display is bound to get affected.

Unlike other articles on iPad black screen of death, we are skipping the possibilities of an accidental low brightness of the screen or an issue regarding low battery or charging. Because, if such were the causes, you would have easily figured them out and solved them. Now, let’s get into troubleshooting tips.

iPad black screen: How to fix it?

So, if the screen of your iPad is black, and it is not responding, yet you can hear the notification sound, here’s what you can do.

Now, you might know, that there are two types of iPad. One with a home button and one without it.

Here’s the troubleshooting tip for an iPad with the home button.

  • Press and hold the top button
  • At the same time, press and hold the home button.
  • Wait for the Apple logo to appear.
  • Release both buttons at the same time.

For an iPad without a home button, here’s what to do.

  • Press and quickly release the volume up button.
  • Press and quickly release the volume down button.
  • Then press and hold the top button.
  • Wait for the Apple logo to appear.
  • Then release it.

Source: Apple.discussion

This might solve the issue for once and forever. Once it is fixed, quickly update your iPadOS. Check for any corrupt apps and uninstall them. Also, do not forget to use original Apple iPad charger to charge it.

And if the iPad black screen persists, then you have to understand, the problem is something much bigger, and your iPad is in dire need of some professional help. You have to consult some expert and get the issue fixed.

Got issues with your iPhone, iPad, MacBook or any Apple device? Is a trustworthy repair centre not in sight? Don’t worry, the experts can help you get a free pickup and drop service and provide a bright repair solution for all your Apple woes. Call today for Apple battery replacement, screen replacement, and other top repair services.

iPad Pro 12.9 inch screen replacement cost – All you need to know

Around the world, if you ask any Apple lover about their favourite gadget from the tech giant, most of them will say iPad Pro. And why not? It’s a full-fledged computer that is easy to carry and it comes with some amazing features. So naturally, any damage to this device is a big blow to its user. Especially, if the display is damaged. Because it is one of the finest displays that Apple has offered in its gadgets. So before throwing any light on the iPad Pro 12.9-inch screen replacement cost, let’s quickly talk about what’s so special in this display.

The 12.9-inch variant of iPad Pro comes with a Liquid Retina XDR display. Diagonally the length of the display is 12.9 inches. Below you will find the detail about all its specifications.

iPad Pro 12.9″ Display – Tech Specs:

  • Mini-LED backlit Multi‑Touch display with IPS technology
  • 2D backlighting system with 2,596 full‑array local dimming zones
  • 2732×2048-pixel resolution at 264 pixels per inch (ppi)
  • ProMotion technology
  • Wide colour display (P3)
  • True Tone display
  • Fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating
  • Fully laminated display
  • Anti-reflective coating
  • 1.8% reflectivity
  • SDR brightness: 600 nits max
  • XDR brightness: 1,000 nits max full screen, 1,600 nits peak (HDR content only)
  • 10,00,000:1 contrast ratio
  • Supports Apple Pencil (2nd generation)

iPad Pro 12.9 Display Replacement Options & Cost in India:

So, if the display of such a gadget is damaged, one more important question that arises apart from the cost to replace the iPad Pro 12.9 screen, is who to trust for such a delicate repair work. Apple Authorized Service Centres do not provide this service, which makes the matter appear more complicated. But in reality, getting your iPad Pro 12.9-inch screen replaced is very simple. There are many Independent Repair Providers or IRP in India who works only on Apple gadgets. So, here we are using the cost given by Rapid Repair, the most trusted IRP of Apple devices in India. Not only is their pricing is best in the industry, but they also offer a pan-India free pick-up and delivery of gadgets, along with online diagnosis. So in the table below, you will get a comprehensive idea of the cost and other aspects of getting your iPad Pro 12.9-inch screen replaced.

So, from the above chart, you might have a clear idea about the iPad Pro 12.9 screen repair cost. But the most important factor here, at least with Rapid Repair, is the lifetime warranty and the use of OEM parts. OEM parts will ensure that your iPad Pro will retain all the functionalities of its display. So that’s it. Hope you will able to make a sound decision now.

ModelScreenPrice (incl of tax)QualityPerformanceWarranty
iPad Pro 12.9” 3rd GenLCD & Digitizer Frame Assembly₹23,600/-OEMAll functionalities restored – Apple Pencil, TrueTone etc.Life Time
iPad Pro 12.9” 4th GenLCD & Digitizer Frame Assembly₹23,600/-OEM  All functionalities restored – Apple Pencil, TrueTone etc.Life Time
iPad Pro 12.9” 5th GenLCD & Digitizer Frame Assembly₹35,400/-OEM  All functionalities restored – Apple Pencil, TrueTone etc.Life Time
iPad Pro 12.9” 6th GenLCD & Digitizer Frame Assembly₹35,400/-OEM  All functionalities restored – Apple Pencil, TrueTone etc.Life Time

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