MacBook Pro Dustgate Issue: A danger you must be aware of!

The MacBook Pro is one of the sturdiest laptops ever made! There is no doubt about it. It’s a masterpiece in its own right. But, at the end of the day, it is designed by humans. So, there is always some room for improvisation. And often, even before the engineers give a glance to that room, some tiny particles just set in there, and cause the damage. That’s what exactly is the case with the MacBook Pro Dustgate Issue. Now, dustgate might sound to you as the name given to a million-dollar scam by the media! But it’s nothing that big. Here’s what happens.


The main body and the display of a MacBook Pro are connected through the screen flex cable. Now, between the screen and the keyboard, there’s a gap at the hinge point, which can collect dust and other tiny particles. Through it, dust gets collected on the cable and damages it over time, with the opening and closing of the lid. This eventually leads to the appearance of some purple linings on the screen.

Now, experts say that this issue is mostly visible in the MacBook Pro models which were released between 2018 & 2020. But the MacBook models that were released between 2016 to 2018 also have the same design, which indicates that they are very much at risk of facing this issue.

Source: Tom’s Guide

But from here, the Macbook Pro purple lines issue just gets more complicated!

For a single damaged cable, an entire display is needed to be replaced! Here’s why. The screen flex cable is connected to the back of the display. MacBook Pro is built in a way that makes it difficult to remove the screen from the outer shell and solder in a new flex cable.

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But, the trouble here is, as in most cases, this issue is prevalent in older generation MacBook Pro, the warranty period that Apple usually offers is already over. This can result in some heavy monetary affairs in the Apple authorized service centres.

Source: TechSpot

The newer MacBooks don’t face this issue as Apple has quietly resolved it by giving more protection to the flex cable. For older MacBook models, cleaning the laptop regularly to prevent dust build-up is the only solution.

And if you are already facing the MacBook Pro Dustgate Issue, it’s better to get it fixed immediately by a trusted repair service provider.

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