MacBook Air Screen Replacement Cost – Know The Actual Price

cost of MacBook Air screen replacement

If you are reading this, there’s a high chance that you are in an emergency! Your precious MacBook Air is injured. More precisely, the display is dead! But don’t panic. One bad decision taken in haste can cause your device some irreparable damage. So, it’s better to get a clear idea about, not just the MacBook Air screen replacement cost, but also a few other equally important points. This will help you to make a crystal clear decision.

Apple did an impeccable job in building the display of the MacBook Air M1 and M2. They introduced the LED-backlit display with IPS technology, a native resolution of 2560×1664 at 224 pixels per inch to support millions of colours, and the very convenient true tone technology. True Tone uses sensors to measure the colour temperature and brightness of the ambient light and set the screen brightness accordingly. No wonder you spent so much time looking at your MacBook Air screen!

Now please don’t think I am rubbing salt into your wound, but it is important to discuss a few common causes of MacBook Air screen damage. This will help you to understand the repair process.

Some of the common causes of MacBook Air screen damage

First of all, there can be damage caused by water. Water can harm the display panel significantly by disrupting multiple circuits. It’s a very common reason, especially during monsoon.

Physical damage to the screen, or the device in general, is also a very common cause of a broken MacBook Air display.

Another rare accident is damage to the display because of a short circuit.

Now, in any of the above cases, there’s only one solution. The replacement of the entire display panel. Even if the damage is partial. But why’s that? Because that’s how LED display works. Each of the pixels is lit by an individual light-emitting diode and these diodes are interconnected. That’s why it is necessary to replace the entire display panel. But the complication doesn’t end here!

In MacBook Air M1 & M2, the display panel is fitted to the mainboard with a hinge. So, to make sure that the lid closes properly after replacing the panel, the hinge has to be of the accurate size. The best way to ensure this is to go for the original Apple-manufactured or OEM parts. One more reason to go for the original is that Aftermarket displays will not support the True Tone feature, as the technology works only with the original Apple display. Hence, not using original parts will significantly change the display quality. Moreover, there isn’t a huge price difference between OEM display panels and Aftermarket display panels.

So, where can you get your MacBook Air screen replaced?

There are only two options to get OEM parts of MacBook Air M1 and M2 laptops. You will get to know all the details about both, along with the MacBook Air screen replacement price.

So, the first option is to visit your nearest Apple-authorized service centre. You can book an appointment for the diagnosis of your device. The cost is around ₹2,500/-. They will tell you about the issue with your MacBook Air, the parts that need to be replaced, and other information. You have to pay in advance to order the spare display panel, which usually takes a week or more to arrive. But the story doesn’t end here! You have to book another appointment to get the damaged screen replaced and wait for your turn. And the warranty you will get on this will just be 90 days.

Sounds hectic? Then check out the other option.

There are a few Independent Repair Providers (IRP) who are authorized to use OEM parts and are certified by Apple. The best example of an IRP in India is Rapid Repair. Not only they are a master of repairing Apple gadgets, but they also provide facilities like remote diagnostics and doorstep pick-up and delivery across Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata and Lucknow, that too without any extra cost. Moreover, they do same day MacBook Repair in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad and Ghaziabad. The time required in the entire process gets shorter, as Apple takes a maximum of two working days to issue parts to an IRP. But the best part is, that you will get a lifetime warranty with Rapid Repair.

Let’s compare the costs involved in both options.

MacBook Air screen replacement cost: Apple Authorized Service Centre VS IRP

Macbook ModelApple StoreRapid Repair
MacBook Air M1₹36,500/- (incl of taxes)₹35,500/- (incl of taxes)
MacBook Air M2₹46,500/- (incl of taxes)₹44,900/- (incl of taxes)

Also, there will be an additional service charge of ₹2,500/- involved in the Apple store. Here we have covered the pricing of Rapid Repair to represent the cost charged by IRPs, because why not? It’s the best in the industry. And their service doesn’t involve any hidden cost.

So that was all about MacBook Air screen replacement. As the use of OEM parts is strictly mandatory for the best screen repair work of MacBook Air, the local repair shops are not covered here. They may charge a bit less, but that can cost you 10 times more in the long run.

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