Apple Watch Series 5 44mm Screen Replacement Cost in India

The Apple Watch Series 5 44mm is known for its stunning OLED display that offers vibrant colours and crisp visuals. With a resolution of 368 x 448 pixels, the display area is 977 sq mm. The display panel is built using cutting-edge technologies like,

  • OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) technology for better contrast and colour accuracy.
  • Force Touch for smooth pressure-sensitive interactions.
  • Fingerprint-resistant coating for extra protection.

All these features make the Apple Watch Series 5 screen replacement a complicated job.

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Why is Apple Watch Screen Replacement complicated?

Due to its intricate design and construction, the Apple Watch Series 5 44mm screen replacement is a complex process. The display panel is:

  • Bonded to the watch’s casing using a strong adhesive, making separation challenging.
  • Connected to the watch’s motherboard via delicate flex cables, which can be easily damaged.
  • Integrated with various sensors and components, such as the Touch ID sensor and speaker, requiring careful removal and reinstallation

This complexity necessitates specialized tools, expertise, and equipment, making DIY repairs or unauthorized service centres risky and potentially harmful to the watch.

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What is the Apple Watch Series 5 44mm Screen Replacement Cost in India?

The Apple Watch Series 5 display replacement cost in India varies depending on the service provider. Depending on the model, an Apple-authorized service provider can charge somewhere between ₹33,900/- to ₹43,900/-. An AppleCare+ member can get the service by paying just ₹5,900/- as a service fee.

Whereas, Rapid Repair, the best Independent Repair Provider for Apple Watches in India charges ₹7,500/- plus 18% GST for the job. You will get a lifetime warranty on the service.

Source: Apple

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