Apple Watch is not Charging: What to do?

Greetings, fellow tech troubadours! Today’s tale is a light-hearted adventure into the whimsical world of Apple Watches that seem to have enrolled in the school of charging resistance. Imagine you’re all set to conquer the day, but your trusty Apple Watch has other plans, staging a rebellion against the mundane act of juicing up, and refusing to follow your command. Without knowing what to do you are just stuck in the middle of frustration by strapping on your smartwatch. To get a brief idea about the uncertain behavior of your companion, search Apple Watch is not Charging. Various issues can affect the charging habit of your Apple Watch. Let’s embark on a journey where Apple Watch decides they have had enough of being charged by challenging their inner rebels.

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Apple Watch is not charging: Why?

Some of the common reasons why your Apple Watch is not charging are as follows:

  • Faulty cable or adapter: The charging cable or adapter may be damaged. Try using a different cable or adapter to see if that resolves the issue. Also, try charging the watch through magnetic charging pad in case you have one instead of the cable.
  • Dust or Debris: Dust or Debris on the charging contacts of the Watch or cable can hinder proper charging. Clean them with a soft, lint-free cloth.
  • Power source issues: Ensure that the power source is functioning correctly. A power source issue can affect the charging procedure.
  • System crash: Your Watch’s firmware might have crashed, it can lead to a dead or unresponsive Apple Watch.
  • Hardware problems: Water exposure, physical damage, or internal hardware malfunctions can affect the ability of your Apple Watch to charge properly. We will learn more about them in this blog.

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Apple Watch is not charging: solutions

Make sure you are using the Apple magnetic charging cable or USB-C magnetic fast charging cable that comes with your Apple Watch. Make sure you plug the Apple magnetic charging cable or USB-C magnetic fast charging cable into the USB power adapter, then make sure you plug the adapter into a power socket. If you use a third-party charging stand, use the charging cable that was delivered in the box with your Apple Watch.

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Try to charge your Apple Watch for a few minutes. If you see a green lightning bolt icon on the screen, it means your Watch is charging. If you see a red low-battery icon, it means the Watch needs more time to charge. If the screen is completely dead, it means the Watch is completely drained out and may take time to charge. If you are seeing the red lightning bolt icon and it won’t charge at all or if it’s stuck on red or green lightning bolt icon and won’t boot up, make sure the back of your Apple Watch and the wireless charging pad is clean. Remove the protective cover from the charging pad. If still your Apple Watch is not Charging, check the adapter, the cable, and the wall socket you have plugged in the adapter.

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To check if the adapter is working or not, try to charge your iPhone with the adapter, if your iPhone doesn’t charge then it means the adapter isn’t working.

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If still having issues or stuck in the red or green lightning bolt icon, go through the following steps:

Force Restart: If your Watch is refusing to power up, force restart might help you to fix this. Press and hold both the side buttons and the Digital Crown for almost 10 seconds. This should reboot your Watch and bring it back to life.


Software Update: Sometimes software glitches or bugs can prevent the Watch from performing. You need to update the software to the latest version. Unpair your Watch from the iPhone, pair it again, and open the Watch app. Tap on general > software update > and follow the instructions to download and update the software.


Hardware Issues: Charging coil for Apple Watch is placed (pre-fitted) in the back glass / panel of the watch along with health sensors. You would know if there was any physical impact to the back glass. If not, then it can be short due to uneven power supply or surge during charging process. Secondly, it can be related to battery also. In both scenarios, take your Apple Watch for a quick diagnosis by professionals and they shall help you with right cause of the hardware issue.

Hopefully all these methods mentioned above will help you to fix the charging issue. If not then try to get connected to the nearest repair provider. An Apple Watch Repair expert technician can give you the proper answer regarding why Apple Watch is not Charging, and provide you a proper service and get a smooth solution for all the issues.

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