How to Repair Cracked iPhone Back Glass?

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Most of the iPhone users who have dealt with a cracked iPhone back glass admitted that their hearts shattered when their iPhones fell on the ground. You must be feeling the same right now. Well, don’t worry, it was meant to happen someday. And to be honest, getting it repaired is not that much of a hassle if you have comprehensive knowledge. So, here you will find out iPhone back glass repair cost, options, and all that you need to know.

But before that. Let’s talk about the iPhone back glass a bit. Apple first used back glass in the iPhone 4. However, it was not until the launch of the iPhone 8 series that they introduced wireless charging. Due to its low conductivity, glass enables wireless charging. All iPhone models from the iPhone 8 support Qi wireless charging (up to 7.5 watts) and iPhone 12, 13, 14, and 15 series support MagSafe wireless charging (up to 15 watts). So the back glass of your iPhone is not just to make it look more sleek. There’s a greater purpose.

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Therefore, don’t even think about a DIY repair. It can damage the iPhone even further. It is better to just simply put a back cover and hide the cracks than to try repairing it yourself. But even with a back cover, there’s always a risk of the crack spreading or water seeping in. So it’s better to get it replaced by a professional.

iPhone back glass repair options and costs

No matter which city you live in, go to the nearest market with mobile repair shops, and you will get an assurance that your iPhone back glass will be replaced and it will work the same. But one thing you don’t know is that these local mobile repair shops don’t have access to Original Equipment Manufacturers or OEM spare parts. These are genuine Apple spare parts and if these are not used in any repair work, the quality of the iPhone might deteriorate and it can affect the resale value and warranty. So we are keeping the local repair shops out of the equation. So below you will find only the most trusted options.

Apple Authorized Service Providers

You can get your iPhone back glass repaired in any Apple Authorized Service Centre. For that, you have to visit your nearest Apple Store and book an appointment.

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The cost differs for AppleCare+ users and non-users. If you have subscribed to AppleCare+ the back glass repair cost for almost any iPhone will be around Rs 2500/-. But a two-year subscription cost of AppleCare+ for say, iPhone 13 is around Rs 14,900/-. Without AppleCare+, the iPhone 13 back glass replacement cost at an Apple Authorized Service Centre is around Rs 32,500/-.

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Rapid Repair

Rapid Repair is the best Apple gadget repair service provider in India. They use only genuine OEM spare parts for repair and replacements. Not just that, they provide a lifetime warranty on their service. You can visit their website or call them on 8130609004 to book a service.

The cost depends on the model. For instance, Rapid Repair charges around Rs 6,500/- + GST for iPhone 13 back glass replacement.

As Rapid Repair uses OEM spare parts, your replaced iPhone back panel will be able to support Qi and MagSafe wireless charging. They also offer free doorstep pickup and delivery and a fast turnaround time.

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