Tips to extend Apple Watch Battery Life

Throughout the years, one constant concern for all Apple Watch users has been its battery life. Especially for those, whose first job after waking up is to wear it on their wrist and the last job of the day is to remove it before falling asleep. As a gadget that covers all aspects of its users’ lives, from their workout routine to health monitoring to appointment reminders, the Apple Watch battery must last until its users’ day is over. But often, that is not the case. As a device that responds with the raising of a wrist, on days, an Apple Watch is prone to exhaust its energy too soon. But there are ways to save battery usage and use it in the most productive way.

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How to improve Apple Watch battery life?

There are several apps and features that keep on running in the background of your Apple Watch. Chances are there that most of them are not of any use to you most of the time. Below, you will find out about them, along with some basic steps to improve your Apple Watch’s battery life.

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Update to the latest software

Make sure your gadget is using the latest WatchOS as it significantly affects not just the battery life but overall battery health.

To do that,

  • Make sure your Apple Watch is connected to the WiFi.
  • Open the Settings app on your Apple Watch.
  • Go to General>Software Update.
  • If any update is available, Install it.
  • Put it on a charge while it is updating.

Use Low Power Mode more frequently

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When you know you don’t need your Apple Watch to be very active, turn on the Low Power mode. It will disable certain features, like the Always On Display and Heart Rate Monitor, but it will prolong the gadget’s battery life. To turn on Low Power Mode,

  • Swipe up from your home screen.
  • On the Control Centre, click on Battery Life Percentage.
  • Toggle Low Power Mode on.

Disable Heart Rate Monitor

If your Apple Watch is low on charge and you want it to run for longer until it’s recharged, this tip can help you. Turn off the heart rate monitor and it will extend the Apple Watch battery life. To do that, go to Privacy>Health>Heart Rate and toggle the monitor off.

Turn off the Wake Screen on Wrist Raise

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Often your Apple Watch turns on unnecessarily when you raise your wrist. This drains the battery faster than you expect. Turn this feature off and it will save your Apple Watch battery from draining quickly.

  • Open Settings on your Apple Watch
  • Select General
  • Tap on the Wake Screen
  • Turn off Wake Screen on Wrist Raise

You can turn on your Apple Watch when needed by pressing the Crown Button.

Customize the notifications

Reducing the amount of notifications on your Apple Watch can help improve its battery life. Instead of getting all the notifications on your Apple Watch that you get on your iPhone, choose the notifications that you want on your Apple Watch. You can do it on your iPhone by opening the Watch App, clicking on the Mirror iPhone Alerts From, and then disabling the apps that you don’t want a notification from on your Apple Watch.

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These tips will help you to save your Apple Watch battery on a normal day. But apart from these, it is important to keep on monitoring your Apple Watch battery health. This will give you an overall idea about the lifespan of your gadget’s battery. You will get to know how much time is left before the battery needs a replacement. To check your Apple Watch battery lifespan, go to the Settings app, tap on Battery, and then on Battery Health. It will show the maximum charge that the battery can hold. A lower number will indicate that your Apple Watch battery needs a replacement.

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